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Binance China and Blockchain Institute progress


Blockchain Institute, the research institute that is part of Binance Chinaannounced on Wednesday its strategic partnership with Xinyuan Group, a Chinese real estate company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE).

This union seeks to promote the application of Blockchain technology in the real estate industry not only in China, but throughout the world.

The two companies will collaborate on multiple investigations from different areas and will launch a variety of projects on Blockchain. With them, they will support new global innovative initiatives and favor the real estate community.

Binance China Blockchain Institute announces its partnership with the Xinyuan Group, which is listed on the New York Stock Exchange, to foster global Blockchain applications in the real estate sector. Collaborations will span scientific research, technological development, project incubation, and more. ”

What is the Xinyuan Group and the Blockchain Institute of Binance?

The Blockchain Institute of Binance China is dedicated to building and providing digital financial services powered by Blokchain technology. The institute focuses on the research of this technology, in order to give it different applications (industrial, for example).

What’s your objective? Bring Binance to the forefront of Blockchain research, as they seek to establish more open, compatible and secure ecosystems.

Xinyuan Group is a Chinese-based real estate company, which has two NYSE-listed subsidiary corporations (NYSE: XIN and 01895.HK). Both are dedicated to motivating the real estate industry revolution using their corporate strategy “Great Technology, Great Financing”.

With the support of the People’s Bank of China School of Finance, they managed to establish the XIN Real Estate FinTech Research Center, and continued to contribute to the exploration of new Blockchain-related technologies.

Both companies complement each other in this association

Binance will collaborate with Xinyuan on a variety of Blockchain projects, ranging from scientific research to technological development, to name a few.

Mai Lu, Vice President of Asia and the Pacific area at Binance, is excited by the association:

We are delighted to partner with Xinyuan Group, one of the most progressive real estate firms in driving the development of Blockchain technology and presenting innovative products, services and business models (…) Xinyuan Group has a proven track record of digitizing real estate in a fully comprehensive way compatible in the United States, while Binance has led the development of Blockchain technology. By working hand in hand, we are confident that we will introduce more use cases for daily life and further grow the Blockchain industry

Leveraging Binance’s vast knowledge and proven track record in Blockchain technology, and the Xinyuan Group’s extensive experience in the real estate industry, the two companies will further explore the application of such technology in real estate through the Xbolt platform (Blockchain Operation Ledger Technology), a Blockchain consortium backed by Xinyuan Group.

In addition, Xinyuan Group launched UPRETS, a real estate digitization platform that can boost private investment. It will be able to transfer the records to Blockchain, accelerating the online regulated market.

In short, as part of the partnership, the two companies will conduct collaborative research on multiple cutting-edge technologies in addition to Blockchain. These include big data, FinTech, and even artificial intelligence (AI), with the goal of introducing real impact and value results.

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