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Binance Coin: 5 use cases for the BNB Token


Less than a month ago, Binance presented on its website 5 use cases for its Binance Coin token (BNB). Today we will tell you about 5 other new utilities, ranging from buying video games to paying for fast food.

1. Use BNB to play BPLAY

BPLAY is a new online video game platform that allows players to access and play different titles with multiple cryptocurrencies, such as Binance Coin.

Binance has signed on as a partner to the platform, and through this collaboration, BPLAY will accept player registrations through Binance accounts. This will allow off-chain transactions for the instantaneous transfer of funds in said token. Of course, BNBs will go from a Binance wallet to a BPLAY wallet.

Additionally, BPLAY and Binance are exploring future collaborations to build and expand the cryptoverse ecosystem in gaming. They also mention the possible co-sponsorship of events and the joint search for new uses for BNB.

2. Pay with Binance Coin at ivendPay vending machines

Use BNB to buy your preferred snacks. As you see in the image below, you can now purchase items with Binance Coin at ivendPay vending machines.

Binance notes that the photo was taken in Hong Kong, and posted on Twitter by one of his “Binancians” (members of the platform), @ krabhishek1984.

BNB use cases

3. Use BNB to acquire smart contracts on MyWish

MyWish is an online platform that allows you to request the creation of a smart contract without having to learn to program. In MyWish you fill out a form to describe the smart contract you want, and you pay using cryptocurrencies.

Binance claims that the first purchase on the MyWish platform with BNB was registered in 2018. Two years later, in 2020, BNB payments have exceeded Bitcoin payments.

4. Buy in Latin American stores with Cryptobuyer

Excellent news for our Latin American readers! Binance seeks to implement use cases of its BNB token worldwide, and its partnerships are in pursuit of this. They established an alliance with Cryptobuyer, a platform that offers payment methods in countries like Panama, Chile and Venezuela.

Now using Cryptobuyer, use BNB at stores like Traki, Samsung Experience Stores, pharmacies like Farmarato, and more.

5. Pay with BNB in ​​the Burger King of Venezuela

For many, cryptocurrencies have become an escape route from the economic crisis in Venezuela. Thanks to Binance’s partnership with Cryptobuyer, now our Venezuelan brothers can make payments at Burger King with BNB.

Do you prefer a different dish? Use BNB at Willy’s Burger, or even Buddha Bar if you feel like it.

And you, what are these use cases for BNB would you consider? We await your response in the comment box.

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