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Binance Futures launches future contracts for BNB


The great exchange platform, Binance, recently announced that future contracts can be made with the BNB cryptocurrency, with a leverage of up to 50 times the established value; Binance Futures It keeps innovating and improving its platform to offer users greater versatility when investing.

Leverage by Binance Futures for BNB cryptocurrency for up to 50X

The information was released thanks to a publication that was made on the Binance portal; in which they explain every detail about the event. It should be noted that, the date that was established to start operating with BNB is the following: February 10 at 8:00 a.m. (UTC).

In addition, we also talked about relevant information, in which you can find details about why this cryptocurrency was implemented.

However, Binance Futures adds BNB for a large number of reasons; Many could say that it is because BNB is the currency of their company. However, this is due to the volume of transactions and the daily growth that the cryptocurrency and the portal has had.

On the other hand, the principal director of Binance Futures made some comments at the time the news was announced, indicating that, the implementation of more cryptocurrencies could be due to the great success they had in allowing future contracts with Bitcoin.

This was clearly an event that inspired them to add more cryptocurrencies to their platform and thus increase the volume of portal commerce.

Versatility when investing

Having variety when investing is one of the main options that a person looks for when entering a portal like this. That is why, Binance Futures wants to constantly implement cryptocurrencies to the portal; This way you can continue with the growth of the platform and satisfy the investing public.

On the other hand, it should be noted that, for now, more than 15 digital assets are available to make perpetual future contracts; among them BTC with the highest leverage, ETH and soon BNB with 50X leverage.

Importance of increasing the variety of cryptocurrencies in Binance Futures

As mentioned above, the variety is one of the options most requested by investors or users. In addition to that, BNB is one of the most sought-after cryptocurrencies by users operating in Binance Futures.

In addition, being one of the main exchange platforms, they are obliged to have variety, in order to meet the needs of all users.

Binance Coin has more than 2.5 million users in Binance; This means that launching future contracts for BNB was necessary and very requested, which is why it was done as soon as possible. Although, the implementation of more digital assets to the platform is also expected.

Finally, adding cryptocurrencies also allows Binance to be closer to its mission; which is to achieve the freedom of money and collaborate with the development and growth of blockchain technology.

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