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Binance is the exchange we needed


Finally, on July 14, Binance celebrated its third anniversary in style, with the organization of a massive online event known as “Off The Charts”. In which, flaunting its influence, the exchange brought together the most important leaders in the world of cryptocurrencies. So when we look at what he has built in just three years, it is normal for Changpeng Zhao to hint at the Tweet of the day, that Binance is the exchange that the crypto world needed:

The promised exchange: Binance

Few success stories in the crypto world are as surprising as Binance’s. Well, the main exchange in the market has managed in just three years to build the largest ecosystem of products and services related to crypto assets in the entire world. De facto becoming the most influential company in the crypto community.

And it is that, at the end of the day, the work that Binance has been doing in recent years is that of building the necessary infrastructure for the cryptocurrency market to develop. Providing users with the information and mechanisms to connect the different financial products with each other. Exchanging futures contracts, cryptocurrencies and fiat money on a single platform.

The quantity of products that it offers, makes Binance the exchange that we needed
The quantity of products that it offers, makes Binance the exchange that we needed

Thus, although there are dozens of cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto market, all with interesting characteristics. None has achieved the level of integration, simplicity and convenience that Binance has managed to build. So, in the framework of the celebration for its third anniversary, it is normal for Changpeng Zhao to remember a comment from a team member during the first days of the exchange:

Three years ago one of our Binancians came up with this:


This acronym, seen with the perspective provided by the last years of accelerated development by Binance. It shows us an indisputable reality for all of us who live in the crypto community. At the end of the day, Binance has managed to establish itself as the leading cryptocurrency exchange platform. And it is now the company that Changpeng Zhao runs that sets the agenda within the community.

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