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Binance Smart Chain keeps growing


Within the crypto world, the Ethereum blockchain has always been dominant in the decentralized applications sector. However, amid the boom in decentralized finance, competing Ethereum projects have redoubled efforts to overcome it. What can be clearly seen in the fact that the Binance Smart Chain keeps growing, as Changpeng Zhao comments in the Tweet of the day:

The rise of the Binance Smart Chain

No one can seriously doubt that Binance is the most important company in the crypto world today. And it is that, throughout 2020, and especially since the beginning of the crisis caused by the Coronavirus. The exchange founded by Changpeng Zhao has constantly launched new products and services to the market. Going from your own physical debit card, to DeFi protocols.

However, the crown jewel of the exchange’s efforts is none other than the Binance Smart Chain. The Blockchain designed and launched by Binance to allow the creation of decentralized applications by its users. Immediately becoming a direct competitor to other chains with the same objectives such as Ethereum and Tron.

Binance Smart Chain keeps growing steadily. Source: BSC Scan
Binance Smart Chain keeps growing steadily. Source: BSC Scan

But, unlike these other projects, the Binance Smart Chain does not only have advanced technological capabilities. Including greater scalability than Ethereum, the current reign of decentralized applications. Rather, it has the institutional backing of a company like Binance. Thanks to which the blockchain has had a constant growth in recent days, as mentioned by Zhao through Twitter:

«#BSC is still small, but it keeps growing«.

Thus, as we can see in the graph of Binance Smart Chain Scan, from September 10 to September 30, the Binance Blockchain has gone from 987 users to the 41,285 it has today. An amount that, although it may seem small, shows a significant rate of growth. Which will likely hold for the foreseeable future.

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