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Binance tips for remote work


Binance offers us new advice on how to implement remote work in your company in a situation as critical as the one we are currently experiencing because of COVID-19. This after offering us tips to improve our performance at work from home.

Binance Tips: Remote Work for Your Business

The Coronavirus has changed all of our lives. However, it is essential that we know how to adapt to new conditions in order to survive.

Just as we must take sanitary precautions, we must also implement strategic plans that help keep our company performing well. However, this is not an easy task and that is why Binance offers us some of its advice.

Its implementation as a viable business model

Binance’s structure and organization has led to the remote work culture being implemented from its inception. They assure that at first they faced some challenges but, after managing to become a global brand of Blockchain, “Remote work is the norm for more than 800 team members in more than 50 countries and regions.”

So, having an important experience on the subject, Binance decides to offer us some advice:

1. Tools, software and equipment are important!

The provision of the right tools to carry out a job is essential since it allows increasing worker productivity.

In this way, Binance ensures that if your company wants to transfer important parts of its operations to a work organization from home, then you will need to invest in those tools, software and equipment that are necessary for your workers and, therefore, their company remain resilient and productive.

2. Evaluate your work teams

Binance claims that “Even the most sophisticated remote work tools in the world will not suffice if you have a team that is not optimized for it”. Accordingly, the crypto exchange advises companies to evaluate the equipment they have, especially regarding how independent, reliable and efficient they can be.

In this way, Binance ensures that they are inclined to people “They do their job even in isolation, while feeling motivated enough to pursue the team’s goals on their own.”

3. Communication is vital in the process!

One problem with remote work is that, since they are not all in one place, the transmission of information can be slower. Therefore, this makes clear and frequent communication vital in current conditions.

“We are known as one of the most communicative crypto companies, with periodic daily, weekly and monthly updates throughout the ecosystem. Our CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ), focuses on regularly addressing questions directly from the crypto community. This is just a manifestation of what happens within the team ”, Binance says.

4. Recreate virtual versions of the comforts of the office. How is that?

The work environment is often vital for worker productivity, so Binance recommends that we look for virtual equivalents of common areas where people can take a break.

The crypto exchange claims that some studies have found that quick breaks can have a positive impact on worker productivity.

While our team is used to the mundane realities of working from home, we still make sure we have virtual versions of these office amenities. It can be as simple as making room for jokes, memes, and light activities or games within our group chats. ”Binance explains.

5. Incentives: Rewards for your team

The world is moved by incentives. We particularly work with the goal of achieving monetary or aspirational goals. That is why making employees feel valued is essential to conserve their human capital.

Nevertheless, “The dynamics of determining what constitutes good work can be different between conventional and remote office environments, so a well-communicated reward system can do wonders for a remote organization.”.

In this way, Binance ensures that its workers are adequately communicated when they have performed a good job.

“We send bonus gifts, in addition to significant performance bonuses. Many of our rewards are also on the aspirational side of things. For example, we provide the best professionals with many opportunities for growth. ”

However, it is not only a job well done, empathy is also important. “Even for our colleagues facing difficulties, such as personal tragedies or calamities where they live, we make sure to send care packages, words of support from teammates, and more.”

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