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Binance will support minor exchanges


Binance, is one of the largest and most recognized exchanges in the world. Thanks to its trajectory and the security it offers to its users. Being one of the crypto world icon companies, especially in the western world. And now, it would be planning to support smaller cryptocurrency exchanges in local markets across the globe.

The importance of exchanges

For the crypto world, exchanges like Binance are one of the fundamental pillars that allow its existence. Well, cryptocurrency exchange platforms represent the interconnection space of all the factors of the crypto community.

And, in these exchanges, the different cryptoactives are traded with each other freely. Which allows their value to be determined thanks to the laws of supply and demand. At the same time that new crypto projects are discovered, and valued according to their technological capabilities.

Therefore, without the existence of exchanges, the operation of cryptocurrencies would be very complicated. Without having users spaces where to acquire the crypto assets of their preference. As in small markets to which large global exchanges do not have sufficient access.

The white Binance brand

However, instead of seeing a problem in this situation, Binance has observed an opportunity. As for the cryptocurrency exchange, it would be close to announcing a new service for small exchanges in local markets. To support these companies with software in the process of launching their services.

Thus, exchanges that decide to ally with Binance, will have all the necessary software to guarantee the security and scalability of your business. Which, according to Binance, will allow them to devote more time to the legal aspects in the launch of their platform. Including complying with all requirements imposed by regulators.

«The Binance Cloud service is an all-in-one solution, with an easy-to-use control panel that allows customers to manage funds, business pairs and coin listings, as well as multilingual support, the option to share experiences with the global Binance exchange .com, and more opportunities to collaborate with the ecosystem«Commented the company.

This new Binance service would be called “Binance Cloud”, and would be the direct competition of the AlphaPoint company. Which also offers, since 2013, software solutions for cryptocurrency exchanges worldwide.

If the Binance service is successful, this would generate greater security within the crypto market. Well, it would be proven software like this cryptocurrency exchange, which would protect the savings and transactions of those who use local exchanges. Increasing confidence in them and expanding, therefore, the crypto world.

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