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Bitcoin breaking news


Optimism can be felt in the environment within the crypto market. Well, while Bitcoin price maintains a generally upward route, the news surrounding it also proves to be quite positive. Which makes us think that we are entering a period of bonanza for the cryptocurrency market.

Only 100 days left for Bitcoin halving!

You can start crossing out dates from your calendar, because as you hear it, there are only 100 days left for the estimated date for the Bitcoin halving, May 12, 2020. A news we estimate could be very positive for the crypto world, and for So we want to start this count of the breaking news about Bitcoin.

And, if we follow the example left by the last Bitcoin halving, occurred in 2016. This event could bring important developments for the cryptocurrency. Increasing its scarcity, making its mining more difficult, and therefore increasing its market value, good news for all members of the community crypto.

Right now, there are even Some analysts who expect halving to bring the price of Bitcoin to $ 400,000. However, the optimism generated by the memory of the bullish rally of 2017, after the previous halving, should not cloud our minds.

Although the price of BTC is likely to have an increase thanks to this event, as the cryptocurrency market becomes more mature, exaggerated increases in its value are also more unlikely as the one experienced during 2017.

Mike Novogratz still betting on Bitcoin

If John McAfee’s statements about Bitcoin have discouraged you in some way, you can start smiling again. Well, Mike Novogratz, a former Goldman Sachs partner, and CEO of cryptocurrency bank Galaxy Digital, continues to rely on BTC.

And, for Novogratz, Bitcoin should be considered by most citizens as a safe haven of value, against the excess liquidity suffered by fiat currencies. Placing cryptocurrency at the same level as gold as a value reserve asset, as stated in an interview with Bloomberg Television:

Bitcoin had its bubble in 2017, and now it has become an asset. It is a weapon in people’s wallet. It is a gold version: we call it ‘digital gold’, and we are installing pipes throughout the system to allow more and more people to buy it, so that it is negotiated“.

Bitcoin news highlights of the last hours

Bitcoin portfolios have better returns

A well-known fact within the crypto community is that Bitcoin is the financial asset as the best performance so far in the 21st century. However, it is good to put figures to this intuition. Especially after the statements of Morgan Creek Capital CEO Mark Yusko in Keizer Report, the Max Keizer program.

According to Mark Yusko, the investment portfolio of any fund should include at least 1% of its investments in Bitcoin. Arguing that those portfolios that included BTC among their assets, performed better compared to those portfolios that did not include cryptocurrencies.

And this is not a random data, because if we analyze the period from January 2017 to December 2019, it will be seen that Bitcoin has offered a cumulative return of 293%. A very high figure for any financial asset in such a short period of time. What only reconfirms the position of BTC as the best financial asset so far this century, and an important investment option for any investor.

This is how we finish our last minute Bitcoin news delivery.

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