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Bitcoin course explosion after Halving? – Draper underpins moon forecast

Bitcoin course explosion after Halving? - Draper underpins moon forecast


As is well known, the Bitcoin price dropped sharply in the second half of 2019 after many were firmly convinced of the start of a new bullrun in the first half. At the time of writing, the price is currently just under $ 7,200

The Bitcoin price has returned to this brand after a roller coaster ride in the last few days. With almost a 50% loss since the mid-2019 highs, some have given up hope of improvement. Only one thing not: Tim Draper now underpins his $ 250,000 moon forecast in an interview. According to him, women play an essential role in his scenario. 

He also thinks the current course is an interesting opportunity to get started.

Bitcoin rate: current buying opportunity before $ 250,000?

If a person in the crypto world doesn’t get tired of promoting the Kings Coin Bitcoin, it’s Tim Draper. The venture capitalist from the USA is a true Bitcoin fanatic and doesn’t get tired of talking about his Bitcoin price forecast of $ 250,000 even with the current course roller coaster of the past few days.

In an interview with “BlockTV” Draper said that he was not worried about the negative development of the BTC price. On the contrary: fluctuations are normal and he sees the current phase more as a favorable entry opportunity.

Instead, he underpinned his $ 250,000 forecast for the years 2022/2023. In the usual draper manner, he uses a very optimistic language: According to his statements, the “lock gates” are ready to open in the near future.

Shopping women as drivers of the bull run ?!

The billionaire had already explained the reasons for his moon forecast: the development of Bitcoin from a store-of-value to a medium-of-exchange through the Lightning network. This advancement could drive the Kings Coin into mass adoption and the Bitcoin rate at $ 250,000.

In the above interview, Draper goes one step further and specializes his reasoning for the moon forecast. In this way, shopping women could promote adoption. 

The background to this statement is that banks and credit card companies charge 2% to 5% in fees for each payment. According to Draper, women are responsible for 75% -80% of retail sales, but only every 15th BTC address belongs to a woman. So there is a lot of potential here.

To what extent Tim Draper’s forecasts will come true remains to be seen. At the moment, his statements seem a bit far-fetched, but in the past he has often had a knack for his predictions. Nevertheless, it is not to be expected that the shopping tours will be paid for with Bitcoin in the near future. We stay tuned and are happy about the billionaire’s optimism.

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