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Bitcoin exchange rate is threatening plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum and Cardano updates

Bitcoin exchange rate is threatening plus Ripple XRP, Ethereum and Cardano updates


A popular cryptanalyst says that the Bitcoin rate is likely to face another major collapse.

The analyst is known in the industry as rampage. He told his 31,000 followers on Twitter that the Bitcoin rate appears to be caught in one cycle. This has occurred several times in the past.

“The Bitcoin course is a repetitive history lesson that the cops immediately forget. Negative cycles are important.”

The pattern begins with a parabolic rally. Soon after, the Bitcoin price pulls back and enters a consolidation phase. Then a second rally begins at a lower high, followed by a long-term slump and a bear market.

If the analyst is right, Bitcoin could trend toward $ 6,000.

“I can’t find a single bullish argument for any of the bitcoin timeframes. We get a “dead cat” pattern in my opinion and at this stage the next area of ​​interest for Longs is $ 6,000.”

Ripple XRP

Ripple spread the word on Twitter about another adaptation of the XRP cryptocurrency.

Salt Lending now supports Ripple XRP for customers who want to use their digital assets as security to hedge a USD loan.

“We added XRP as our newest type of collateral for a crypto-supported loan. Visit our website to learn how you can use XRP with Salt.”

Salt also supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Dash, Dogecoin, TruUSD, USD Coin, Paxos Standard Token and PAX Gold.


In a new interview with The Block, Tom Jessop, president of Fidelity Digital Assets, says that investment giant Ethereum will support in 2020.

“We have worked a lot on Ethereum. We intend to support the cryptoasset in the new year. The company is very much driven in this direction by our customers.”

He says “to come back to the fact that we speak to many traditional institutions: Bitcoin is something like an entry coin into the world of cryptocurrencies, correct? It is the coin that has perhaps the longest success story, the most observable data points on several Bitcoin exchanges related to price activity.”

Fidelity Digital Assets officially launched its Bitcoin custody platform for institutional investors in October this year.


IOHK is the technology and engineering company that Cardano developed. It says it made it possible to stake in its incentive test network.

Staking enables investors to receive rewards for their holdings of the ADA cryptocurrency. In return for helping to strengthen the network and process transactions.

“The start sequence has started … The goal? It’s staking! This afternoon we successfully built and tested the Shelley Incentivized Testnet network. We now invite our Cardano Stake Pool partners to set up over the weekend.”

Next we do the final confirmation tests. Once the operators are ready – and everyone is happy – we will prepare new Rewards Wallets for download. Probably by Monday. Register for notifications and we’ll tell you when the wallets are ready. We’ll see you after the weekend!

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