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Bitcoin has new emoji on Twitter


On previous occasions we exposed when Apple included the Bitcoin symbol in its emojis, and hoping that Google will make it universal. However, since that time we have not addressed the issue of emojis, until now. Thanks to the founder’s tweet of Twitter, passionate about crypto, Jack dorsey, we know that the application has the Bitcoin B.

Twitter accepts Bitcoin

As we mentioned at the beginning, it is known that Jack Dorsey is passionate about Bitcoin. Apparently, his interest was transferred to his star platform, being the network of micro texts, Twitter. He explained that the B is available thanks to the tweet of his official count:

Highlighting that B appears when a person writes Bitcoin or #Bitcoin in their tweet, being part of the platform’s emoji set.

Bitcoin is trend

Quickly important figures within the network began to share this feat for their social networks. In this way the Bitcoin B became a trend in the crypto world, starting with Binance:

Inviting people to join this trend and let the world know the Bitcoin B. The first to accept Binance’s invitation was its founder:

To which another founder decided to join, being the controversial in networks, Justin Sun:

Stressing that anonymous Bitcoin fans also shared their excitement:

However, people who began to make fun of the other cryptos also came to light. To which Erik Vorhees replied:

“#Bitcoin gets an emoji on Twitter, maximalists use it instantly for #% $ in other currencies. A demonstration of where your energies are directed. Meanwhile, others are building amazing things in crypto. ”.


Returning to Dorsey’s first tweet, it can be seen that he invites people from Unicode text encoding to include the bitcoin symbol. Posing in this way that any platform that uses this code can have the currency symbol.

Highlighting that the co-founder of Lightning Labs, Elizabeth Stark, joined the request:


Finally, it should be noted that not all platforms and devices are able to read the Bitcoin B within the tweets. The solution to this is to go directly to the attached tweet and see it from the browser, since there are still versions that are not compatible with the symbol.

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