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Bitcoin is unique for Unconfiscatable 2020


Continuing with one of the most unique events in Las Vegas, we continue with the coverage of Unconfiscatable 2020. In addition to being one of the most original exhibitions, they expose us why Bitcoin is unique to the world. Those in charge of enlightening us were Leah wald, Giacomo Zucco, Jimmy Song, Dan held and Johnny Dilley.

The Bitcoin Revolution: Technology

Starting Unconfiscatable 2020 we find a panel dedicated to expose the impact of Bitcoin. Starting with a technical explanation of our favorite currency.

With this we refer to the technology that works as the basis of Bitcoin. However, unlike previous times, panelists do not focus solely on Blockchain. Therefore, we will not do so, given the sufficient coverage we have made.

The new approach provided in the Unconfiscatable 2020 is a general Fintech approach, stating that money can now be worked in a different way. If you remind us before cryptocurrencies appeared, the closest to decentralized money was PayPal. With the emergence of Bitcoin 10 years ago, the paradigms broke down in the way money is worked within the platforms.

With Bitcoin, the need to rely on valid financial institutions, mostly American, is broken. Therefore, it is no longer necessary to adapt your platform or application to the requirements of US banks.

What is the money?

Subsequently they raised a discussion that is natural with Bitcoin, and cryptocurrencies in general. We refer to reflect on the perception of money.

One of the panelists focused on explaining that with Bitcoin they began to discuss again issues of almost 100 years ago. We must remember that once the Central Banks were established, they determined that it was money. Including economists of the time.

From that moment there is an idea that the money was only centralized and the countries’ currencies. With Bitcoin a discussion resumed that was buried between books, about what is money.

According to the panelist, while Bitcoin is not considered money yet, it generated an impact on people’s popular thinking.

It coincides with what we have raised from CriptoTendencia, raised that Bitcoin may not be money today. But as long as there is interest in the subject, there is hope that cryptocurrencies will be recognized as the digital money they are.

Panel on why Bitcoin is unique in Unconfiscatable 2020
Panel on why Bitcoin is unique in Unconfiscatable 2020

Bitcoin in our lives

They finally discussed the impact that Bitcoin has had on people’s lives since its creation.

Starting from a personal point of view, in the way that Bitcoin has proven to be a new and alternative opportunity. In this way, people can turn to a new option that allows bureaucratic processes to skip.

They put it this way that people who are not banked in the world finally have a way to move their assets. Even if you don’t consider it money, it is a fact that these people can rely on Bitcoin.

Later they presented on the business impact, manifesting one that we have exposed in previous occasions. Thanks to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies there is no longer any territorial limit or boundaries. This way companies can connect with anyone who owns a wallet.

Finally, we invite you to leave in the comments how cryptocurrencies changed their lives. You can leave an anecdote or a reflection about it.

In addition, you can join us during the rest of the Unconfiscatable 2020 event.

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