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Bitcoin news highlighted for this Monday


Vietnamese agency accepts Bitcoin payments

Vietnamese online ticketing agency Future.Travel now accepts Bitcoin payments. Through the Lightning Network (LN), and funds are converted to local currency at the time of sale. This is one of the most important Bitcoin and cryptocurrency news for Vietnam this past decade.

To enable LN-based Bitcoin payments, Future.Travel collaborated with Canada-based technology firm Neutronpay.

It will provide Future.Travel with its multi-currency trading platform, according to an announcement on April 20.

With the newly integrated option, the BTC transaction processing time will seemingly be reduced to three or four seconds in most cases.

Overall, Future.Travel has supported BTC payments for over six years.

It recently added other cryptocurrencies like Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ether (ETH) to its online payment methods. The company claims that the LN integration will eliminate online fraud and associated credit card refunds.

Bitcoin news in Malaysia: 14 Chinese arrested in the territory for scam

Another notable Bitcoin news this week: Malaysian police arrested 14 Chinese men for their involvement in a scam, targeting investors in their home country.

Assistant Commander Dzulkhairi Mukhatar stated that the arrests took place on April 18, after two months of surveillance.

According to the officer, all the suspects are between 20 and 30 years old, three of whom do not have “valid travel documents”

The group posed as wealthy investors and targeted victims through the popular Chinese messaging apps, WeChat and QQ. “All suspects would give false testimony to persuade victim to invest“Said assistant commander Mukhatar.

Bitcoin price jumps in response to regulatory news

Speaking of the featured Bitcoin news, researchers from the Bank for International Settlements are discovering that cryptocurrency markets are actually reacting positively to news of clear regulations.

According to a working paper released by the Globalization Institute of the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas. Crypto prices respond better to regulation than its reputation suggests.

While news reports of government bans on cryptocurrencies caused a drop in prices, the markets jumped when the regulation was clear.

The document suggests that “at the current juncture, authorities around the world have some margin to make regulation effective” The researchers found that they categorized different news and its effect on the price of Bitcoin.

TV report warned of a false interview that claimed to have made millions with BTC

British TV presenter and former X-Factor star Rylan Clark-Neal alerted his followers to a “bogus interview” claiming that Rylan had made “millions on Bitcoin.”

The former Celebrity Big Brother star tweeted that a fraudulent interview posing as the UK publication, The Daily Mirror, was circulating on Facebook. Rylan warned his followers:

“There is a fake interview on Facebook and social platforms that claims to be the daily mirror that does not say how I have made millions with Bitcoin. Do not fall in the trap”.

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