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Bitcoin, Peter Schiff and more in Quick News


Peter Schiff suggests that Bitcoin will not rise

In a tweet on March 4, crypto critic Peter Schiff openly stated that Bitcoin should have taken advantage of volatility in traditional markets.

Despite claiming $ 8,800 from the weekend, Schiff
He said that BTC / USD “will not go up” and that, therefore, would occur
selling pressure

“If @Bitcoin cannot recover with a cut of
emergence of 50 basis points, plus all recent market volatility
of stocks, bonds, currencies and gold, under what circumstances will it recover? ”

“If Bitcoin is not going to go up, why own it? The
The answer to that question is ‘sell’. Look down! ”

The defenders who used to defend themselves against Schiff’s complaints
they rushed to point out that, in general, Bitcoin had delivered profits from
several orders of magnitude higher than those of gold since its launch in

Although Bitcoin’s yield to date is around 20% at current prices, Schiff has increased the frequency of his claims that his future is doomed. Last week, he described Bitcoin investors and “fools” and refused to believe in his increasingly popular status as a safe investment.

Elon Musk supports Dogecoin

Just over a month after delivering skeptical comments about Bitcoin (BTC), SpaceX and CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk is apparently important rooting for altcoin Dogecoin (DOGE) again.

However, this is not the first time that Tesla CEO has
Expressed its positive stance towards Dogecoin. In April 2019, Elon Musk
He tweeted that DOGE “could be” his favorite cryptocurrency, adding that
It’s pretty cool”.

Musk is also known for his collaborative efforts with Dogecoin creator Jackson Palmer in the fight against cryptocurrency scammers on Twitter. The famous technology entrepreneur was even chosen on Twitter to become the “CEO” of Dogecoin, leaving behind other candidates such as the co-founder of Ethereum (ETH), Vitalik Buterin and the creator of Litecoin (LTC), Charlie Lee.

Already known as a big fan of DOGE, Musk has made another endorsement for the cryptocurrency in a March 3 tweet. While the initial tweet is not exactly related to cryptography, it is just a shoob meme with the title “Dogs rock,” the following tweet: “They have the best currency,” clearly shows that Musk was talking about Dogecoin.

Sweden calls for action on ‘Ukrainian cryptocurrency fraud factory’

Foreign Minister of Sweden asked Ukraine to act after exposing
an alleged cryptocurrency fraud operation that drives investors away
Naive of the capital of the country.

The so-called “fraud factory”, which works from two floors of luxurious offices in Kiev, was exposed after an investigation by the Swedish newspaper Dagens Nyheter (DN) published on Monday.

Milton Group, it was revealed that the company had employed rows of vendors
phone calls to potential investors, often people
older, and offered attractive returns on money deposited in shares
and cryptocurrencies.

DN writes in the report: “Its real operation is to commit fraud to
industrial level, and its victims are from all over the world. ”

In response
to Tuesday’s claims, Swedish Foreign Minister Ann
Linde said: “It’s really annoying to see how Swedish retirees cheat
who have to leave their homes and live with a minimum level of
subsistence. And then they sit there, laughing. ”

According to
cited by the Draft Organized Crime and Corruption Report, Linde
He added that it is “important” that the authorities in Ukraine are
informed about the alleged activities of the Milton Group and analyzed
the claims.

DN claims that several people have lost their lifelong savings through the scheme. In total, he says the company has possibly left 1,000 people from more than 50 countries with losses. It is not clear how much money could have been extracted by the scheme, but a team member is caught in a video navigation by persuading a person to give $ 150,000.

Cryptocurrency exchanges win the case of India

Indian Supreme Court ruled against a decision imposed by the central bank
of the country almost two years ago that stifled the cryptocurrency trade in the
Asia’s third largest economy.

According to a Bloomberg report, a bank of three judges of the court ruled on Wednesday in favor of requests for exchanges and startups that opposed the decision made by the Reserve Bank of India in April 2018, which banned National financial institutions provide banking services. Services for encryption exchanges.

The decision
of the central bank at that time forced the encryption exchanges in the
country to close, relocate to other jurisdictions or change its model of
business to trade from encryption to encryption and without a prescription.

While the
cryptocurrency exchanges immediately filed petitions with the
Supreme Court after the decision of the central bank in 2018, it was not reached
a clear decision until Wednesday after several rounds of hearings.
Some exchanges were forced to close as trade
collapsed while the case was ongoing.

“The lifting of the ban by the Supreme Court will open new opportunities for India in terms of investments, economy and a market in general,” said Sumit Gupta, founder and CEO of CoinDCX exchange aggregator.

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