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Bitcoin price fell after Trump announcements


After various deliberations between the United States government and its political opposition, President Donald Trump decided to delay any type of conversation about a second economic stimulus. Everything, until after the presidential elections of November 3. This seems to have affected BTC. Since, the price of Bitcoin fell after these announcements yesterday.

The news was released in a series of tweets from the president’s account. Minutes later, the markets were quick to respond: Like the Dow Jones, which ended the session losing 375 points. Dropping at the same time as Bitcoin (BTC), which hit $ 10,528 at its lowest point yesterday.

According to President Trump’s tweet, Nancy Pelosi is asking for USD $ 2.4 trillion to rescue “poorly managed and high crime Democratic states, situations that have no relation to the COVID-19 pandemic.”

Also, in the tweet it says that the government offers USD 1.6 billion claiming that it is a generous offer and that Pelosi is not negotiating in good faith. Meanwhile, the presidency must ensure the future of the United States.

All this controversy occurs while President Trump is recovering from his coronavirus infection.

Now, the price of Bitcoin fell. Which seems to suggest that the asset price continues to react in tandem with conventional markets. At least when it comes to the main tax news.

According to our online crypto tool, the price of Bitcoin is around $ 10,600 at the time of writing.

Abra CEO Says Now More Than Ever He’s More Bullish On Bitcoin Price

The co-founder and CEO of one of the best-known Bitcoin (BTC) companies has revealed that this is the best time he has had with the biggest cryptocurrency in five years.

In a series of tweets on October 6, Bill Barhydt, the CEO of the Abra payment gateway. He highlighted a large number of indicators that suggest that the price of Bitcoin is rising.

“I have never been so excited about #Bitcoin’s potential for significant price appreciation in the short term (less than 18 months),” he said.

Bitcoin has spent the last few weeks in a consolidation pattern after hitting highs of $ 12,500. While the short-term price outlook looks unconvincing to analysts. Others say network fundamentals and long-term behavior are as bullish as ever.

However, for Barhydt, even the current action is cause for optimism.

KuCoin restarts deposits, withdrawals of BTC and Ether

In an update to the service, Seychelles-based platform KuCoin said that it is once again allowing deposits and withdrawals of Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and the stablecoin Tether (USDT). After updating the wallet security for those cryptocurrencies.

KuCoin noted that the wallet addresses for these coins had been updated. And, while the older addresses still work, he recommended users to update.

After the rape. In which $ 281 million in various crypto assets such as XRP and Ethereum-based currencies were stolen, KuCoin had moved to freeze all wallets and disable services.

On October 3, the CEO of the company, Johnny Lyu, claimed that the alleged hackers had been traced and that he had informed law enforcement.

Lyu further claimed that another $ 64 million of stolen cryptocurrencies had been recovered, bringing the total value of the assets recovered to $ 204 million at the time.

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