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Bitcoin started its path at 100K according to Pompliano


If you are a Bitcoin holder at this time you should feel an ecstasy of happiness and hopes, while if you do not have you must be intrigued. To the surprise of many, Bitcoin to close the week reached $ 10,000, being an important achievement for the community. Faced with these events, the financial expert Anthony Pompliano, commented how Bitcoin was on the path for $ 100,000.

The Tweet

On the morning of this Sunday, February 9, 2020 Bitcoin managed to overcome the $ 10,000 barrier, even now it is worth $ 10,060. Although it exceeds the limit by a little, it is an important achievement because months have passed without it having this high value. Therefore, it is worth celebrating.

In addition, several people found out was by the tweet of one of the most important Bitcoin connoisseurs of the networks. A character that we have covered countless times on the page. We refer to Anthony Pompliano. From your account Twitter official highlighted the Bitcoin feat:

«Bitcoin has just reached $ 10,000. I still believe that Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000 at the end of December 2021. Fixed supply Increased demand. Time will tell”.

Stressing that it highlights a prediction he raised previously, in which he states that this will be the year of recovery. While by 2021 it will be the year of overcoming, reaching $ 100,000 by 12/31/2021.

When he made this argument we made the coverage of it, highlighting that it is fundamentally based on an important aspect: Proofreading. If you want to know more about it, we invite you to read our article on the prediction of Bitcoin and Pompliano.

Trend: Bitcoin is more famous

We take advantage of Pompliano’s tweet to expand his comment, highlighting the second point I raise. Over the years we have seen that interest in cryptocurrencies has increased.

Whether due to a boom in the information available, or because of the corrections made to the platforms, today Bitcoin is more famous than a year ago. For this reason, its demand has been increasing considerably since it was launched.

One way to observe this phenomenon is to use our Crypto Online tool, following the historical line of Bitcoin. If we eliminate external events from the market, such as what happened with Irák or Coronavirus, the price trend is on the rise.

This shows that each time the demand has been increasing, following the normal laws of economy of Offer and demand.

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