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Bitcoin the number 1 cryptocurrency in Google


The Coronavirus pandemic 🦠 is just hours away from reaching 1 million infected humans. In parallel, interest in cryptocurrencies continues to gain traction, as many have already lost their trust in the traditional system. But, is Bitcoin the most sought-after cryptocurrency on Google? Is there someone who can compete with the first crypto?

This is a question whose answer reveals not only the interest in the crypto ecosystem. Also the domain that Bitcoin (BTC) can have over the crypto ecosystem.

Cryptocurrencies on Google

How has general interest in cryptocurrencies behaved?

Well if we go to the Google Trends portal, we see that the most searched word among “Crypto”, “Bitcoin” and “Blockchain” is undoubtedly Bitcoin as the clear winner.

Bitcoin currently ranks 50 points in the Google search engine algorithm, while both Crypto and Blockchain have a scant 5 and 3.

Bitcoin interest in blue vs Crypto and Blockchain Source: Google Trends.

This collapses the thesis of many critics of cryptocurrencies. Which criticize Bitcoin for being nothing more than the secondary actor behind Blockchain technology. But, at least in the public interest section, there is not much to discuss.

A refined search interest?

But, here comes the good news on the subject of the global interest of the crypto ecosystem. Although Bitcoin is the clear winner, interest in searching for the word “Bitcoin” is currently not comparable compared to 2017, when the price of each BTC token reached $ 20,000.

Back then, interest was at the perfect 100, while at the moment it is at 13 points on Google Trends.

Source: Google Trends
Source: Google Trends

But, this is not 100% bad news. Since many experts have expressed that today there are many more true loyal followers of cryptocurrencies, who are on the cryptoverse not because of the price level, but because of all that they can provide to humanity. Very different from the weather in 2017.

Is Bitcoin the most searched cryptocurrency on Google?

The time has come to compare the main cryptos with the first cryptocurrency in the world.

Bitcoin is currently number 1 in market capitalization at $ 117,915,373,550, also in price, as each token is around $ 6,400. Not so in trading volume, as Tether (USDT) takes first place with $ 39,216,861,489.

Second we have Ethereum (ETH) $ 14,750,180,704, followed by Ripple (XRP) $ 7,681,409,249, then Tether (USDT) $ 6,177,120,634 and finally Bitcoin Cash (BCH) with $ 4,038,508,687.

If we add the market capitalization of this top 5, without BTC, that gives us approximately 33 billion dollars, only 27% of the total value of Bitcoin. That’s how massive the world’s first cryptocurrency is relative to the rest.

And its primacy does not end here. Well, as expected, it is also at the level of interest shown online. Bitcoin is the most searched cryptocurrency on Google.

Source: Google trends.
Source: Google Trends

In the last 30 days Bitcoin (BTC) from its lowest point of the month at 29 points, to its peak at 100 on March 13, up to 39 points today.

Meanwhile, the search interest of the others is negligible compared to BTC. Ripple wins the battle with the others with 3 points, while Ethereum with 2 points, and Tether with 1. While Bitcoin Cash has an even negative score of -1.

But, this does not mean precisely that the other cryptos have no interest at all. Otherwise, when comparing it to Bitcoin, it is practically nothing.

Source: Google Trends
Source: Google Trends

As we see, the graph is much more even if we do not add Bitcoin to the equation. There is simply no one to whom BTC can compete at the moment. Bitcoin is the most searched cryptocurrency on Google.

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