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Bitcoin’s interest in Google Discover grows


If you are a user of Google Discover You may have noticed that more and more news related to cryptocurrencies appear, especially Bitcoin. What is the reason for this growth? I will try to answer it in this post.

Google Discover It is a list of topics that users can scroll through on their mobile devices, and which displays summary pages in the form of cards.

What is striking is the strong growth that Bitcoin has been having on Google Discover cards, where updated content from different media can be read daily, among which is CryptoTrend.

Bitcoin stomps on Google Discover

Although the Google Discover function has existed since December 2016, it was not until last year that it began to gain more relevance among users. Especially in Latin America, where its growth is exponential.

The main advantage of Google Discover is that you can place your preferences to receive the news of interest directly on the Google page, together with some suggestions made by the same search engine based on Artificial Intelligence.

In the image below you can see how Google Discover is viewed from a mobile device (in this case mine). The first thing that comes to me is the climate of Córdoba, the city where I live, then everything about COVID-19, the subject of the moment. Then, the first news that appears is about cryptocurrencies, in this case about the recent halving of Bitcoin Cash.

View of Google Discover from a mobile device
View of Google Discover from a mobile device

Google Discover searches

If you check your Google Discover, the results will surely differ, since it depends a lot on your searches, among factors as I mentioned above. Even, you may not see anything related to cryptocurrencies, if you have not previously searched on the subject.

The important thing about this tool is to see how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are positioned daily as a topic of interest, earning a place in the world of digital currencies.

Some days in me Discover, I have more news of Bitcoin than of the dollar, or the Argentine peso for example. Without a doubt, cryptocurrencies are gaining more weight in the Google giant.

Have you ever used Google Discover to read news from the crypto market, especially Bitcoin? You can vote in our Twitter poll.

To finish, I invite you to tell us if you ever see any news about CryptoTrend in your Google Discover, as well as if this tool is useful to you.

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