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BitMEX will donate $ 2.5 million


The fight against Coronavirus has engaged virtually all of humanity in a common effort. Although not always in a coordinated way, public and private actors have put their grain of sand to fight the disease. Including several of the main crypto world companies. Therefore, we are not surprised to learn that BitMEX will donate $ 2.5 million to fight COVID-19.

The crypto world and the Coronavirus

The fight against COVID-19 has been an effort that has required the participation of practically all of humanity. And it is not for less, considering the number of deaths that the Coronavirus has generated since its appearance at the beginning of the year. Not to mention the heavy economic losses that it is already starting to cause worldwide.

Therefore, much of the crypto world has also been engaged in the effort to avoid the worst ravages of the Coronavirus, now including BitMEX.

With actions such as the Bitcoin donation campaign spearheaded by the Italian Red Cross. Whose objective, achieved in record time, was to raise enough money to purchase equipment and build an outpost in Italy.

Likewise, Binance, another of the world’s largest exchanges, has committed $ 2 million in cryptocurrencies to donate to the fight against the Coronavirus. A figure they hope to combine with another $ 3 million, which they are trying to raise from private donations, in what would be the main precedent for BitMEX’s action.

BitMEX commits $ 2.5 million

Yesterday, April 20, it emerged that the exchange’s parent company, HDR Global Trading, had formed a response fund for COVID-19. Announcing that BitMEX will donate $ 2.5 million through it, to at least 4 organizations that are on the front line fighting the virus.

This would follow the company’s strategic logic, for which the best way to deal with the Coronavirus is by empowering organizations that do not have sufficient resources to be effective in the fight against COVID-19.

With this, BitMEX aspires to form teams that are equipped and trained to take action, and stop the spread of the Coronavirus worldwide.

BitMEX will donate $ 2.5 million to fight Coronavirus
BitMEX will donate $ 2.5 million to fight Coronavirus

The four organizations that will receive assistance from BitMEX will be the two Gates funds to respond to the crisis, the Nuclear Threat Initiative Biosecurity program, OpenMined, and Our World in Data.

All dedicated to the analysis and development of public policies to reduce biological risks, as well as the development of vaccines and treatments.

With this, BitMEX would be placed at the forefront of the crypto world’s efforts to meet the challenge of the Coronavirus. Assuming, along with other companies such as Binance, leadership in the creation of donation funds against COVID-19. Good news that deserves to be our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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