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Blockchain destroys our privacy- CRYPT TREND


The Coronavirus has caused the appearance of concerns of various indoles in humanity. Now the question is: has COVID-19 accelerated mass surveillance? Does the Blockchain destroy our privacy?

Blockchain socialism

COVID-19 seems to have given governments the perfect excuse to increase mass surveillance, which is why they have used Blockchain technology for it. In fact, as the virus spreads, technology is increasingly used for patient monitoring.

Therefore, the main concern is that the crisis offered him the necessary tools to infringe on people’s privacy, which has led many to ask: Is socialism approaching on the Blockchain?

What is socialism?

It is a political and economic doctrine that advocates ownership and administration of the means of production for society as a whole.

Why do many claim that Karl Marx would have loved Blockchain?

Karl Marx, along with Friedrich Engels, consider themselves as the fathers of socialism. In fact, his best-known writings are the ‘Communist Party Manifesto’ and ‘Capital’.

Blockchain technology, meanwhile, is based on decentralization. This means that each part of the information recorded in the blockchain is stored and available to everyone.

To some, Blockchain may sound like a digital form of socialism. However, there is also the idea that technology does not have to fit entirely as a ‘socialist’ or ‘capitalist’.

Does blockchain destroy privacy?

Before the Coronavirus, various groups already handled the idea that we lived in a world in which every conversation, movement, interaction and decision is scrutinized, recorded and closely observed.

The debate over the advancement of technology and the decline of individual privacy is longstanding. However, the problem is that COVID-19 may have accelerated the decline in privacy.

China is an exemplary case when we want to talk about privacy issues. The country’s authorities pride themselves on the mechanisms through which they were able to identify, track and qualify citizens to prevent the spread of the disease.

In fact, China’s investment in the blockchain has reached significant levels, which is why many wonder: Does the Blockchain destroy our privacy? Can it be used for that purpose?

The Blockchain promises us anonymity and privacy, however, in the hands of the government it could be used to create a dystopian social surveillance system. Obviously this would change the objective for which said technology was created.

In this way, the situation has led many to believe that the virus has offered governments an unbridled right to violate citizens’ rights.

Therefore, the main concern in the medium is that a system be created (if it does not already exist) that stores citizen data on the Blockchain. If we add surveillance drones, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and facial recognition to this, privacy could be in danger of extinction.

We invite you to tell us what you think, does the Blockchain destroy our privacy? Socialist Blockchain? Is it possible?

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