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Blockchain helps fight nuclear weapons


The Cold War is over, however the nuclear weapons that were developed at this time continue to exist. And they are one of the most serious threats that humanity still faces today. Especially when tensions between major nuclear powers like Russia, China and the United States are on the rise. However, in the face of these dangers, Blockchain technology helps to combat nuclear weapons.

A trust issue

The main problem when trying to regulate the development and use of nuclear weapons is the lack of trust between states. Well, in the anarchic International System in which we live, there is no supranational authority that can regulate the acts of the States, in the way that the government does within our countries.

Thus, although there are intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations. They do not have the coercive power to compel States to act differently from their wishes. So, in practice, the only thing that prevents a State from producing or using nuclear weapons is the fear that another State will do the same.

This has led to the emergence of treaties between nuclear powers, which regulate the production and deployment of these types of weapons. However, due to the very fact that the International System lacks a supreme authority that guarantees the security of the States, the nuclear powers cannot blindly trust their counterparts.

Generating fears that a decrease in the nuclear arsenal of one country will not be rewarded by a proportional decrease in that of another, leading to the first country being weakened compared to the one that deceived it. And it is to solve this dilemma where Blockchain technology can enter.

Blockchain against nuclear weapons

According to a report prepared by the Center for Science and Security Studies (CSSS) at King’s College. Blockchain technology can be used to build trust between nuclear powers. By establishing a reliable verification system around the fulfillment of the commitments acquired in international denuclearization treaties.

Thus, Blockchain technology can allow the creation of a reliable system for storing data on the dismantling of nuclear weapons. Which could be verified by third parties, without the need to directly handle the data. Thanks to the immutability of the data entered in a block chain.

Furthermore, the Blockchain could create a secure site to store the location of environmental sensors and monitors. Opening the doors to real-time monitoring of remote sites, allowing chain participants to warn of the breakdown of commitments. And therefore creating a safer world despite the existence of nuclear weapons, thus helping the Blockchain to combat the risk they generate.

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