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Blockchain technology and the future of digital assets


On this second day of the European Blockchain Convention, the discussion focused on the impact of new technologies. Thus, in this panel they discussed Blockchain technology and the future of digital assets in the ecosystem.

Blockchain technology has enabled a revolution in the digital finance market, since its inception more than a decade ago.

Well, this is the beginning of the influence of cryptocurrencies worldwide. And this is how relevant companies are beginning to work on cryptocurrencies and seek to be part of the ecosystem.

Blockchain technology is constantly evolving

When talking about where we are today, we must look at the framework of ecosystem regulation. This is how Sandra Ro CEO of the Global Blockchain Business Council explained.

Ro explained that, a decade after these technologies began to emerge in the world. And for this reason it is necessary to begin to consider that the regulations must be made. “As an industry, we have evolved. Organizations that want to support investment assets ».

The collective work of the companies, from the point of view of blockchain technology, is waiting for the first regulations of the Blockchains to be carried out. And that in this way the ecosystem can support some changes that are already beginning to be necessary.

In the framework of the second day of the European Blockchain Convention, the panelists discussed the future of blockchain technology and digital assets.
In the framework of the second day of the European Blockchain Convention, the panelists discussed the future of blockchain technology and digital assets.

Completing this point, Thomas Borrel, director of Polymath, defended that, although he considered that the regulations perhaps should not be made in the future, the growth of the implementation of this technology exists. Well, the demand is there, users want to use Tokens and create their own platforms.

“We are all building our platforms, to our own standards without arbitrary jurisdiction, and the ecosystem can continue like this.”

Thomas Borrel, Director of Polymath

They also mentioned that the industrial sector is growing, such as the energy industry. These companies are also innovating to adapt to the evolution of digital assets.

How much will these technologies grow in 5 years?

Borrel considers that in 5 years the industry of cryptocurrencies and Blockchains will be even more sustainable due to the models that will be developed.

“We will continue to build this industry. We are at a critical point where governments, companies, all are listening to us, we have the world’s attention in our projects ”. Thomas said, making his point.

In addition to this, he mentioned that the level of commitment they have with the evolution of the ecosystem, and the inclusion of the most relevant banking entities in the world, is unique. And that is importantly critical, as each point holds the key to market growth.

Will the security tokens be taken globally?

Before this question the panelists agreed. Yes they will be taken, but you have to ask yourself at what levels will they be adapted in society. “We talk about the benefits of technology, but we do not talk about how we should use it to get its best benefits,” said Sandra.

Well, the processes that will help the community have been simplified, eliminating many barriers that complicated the ecosystem, added Thomas to answer this question. “The industry is maturing quickly.”

This has allowed a bridge between industries that have never been considered capable of working together.

“It’s a matter of time before people start learning about blockchain technology,” said Leanne Kemp, CEO and founder of Everledger. “It’s a matter of looking for and being interested in the amount of digital options that are on the market.”

Validating this, Sandra Ro said that in a perfect future, we will all have digital wallets. There will also be cryptocurrencies, which will be created by the governments themselves. And an access to multiple token options. And when we get to that future, people will see that these technologies are the future.

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