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BNB Greenfield: The decentralized storage platform of BNB Chain

This week, decentralized storage received one of the biggest advances to date. BNB Chain launched BNB Greenfield, a decentralized storage platform that will facilitate dApp development.

Over the past few years, the scalability and development of BNB Chain has surprised the industry. Efforts to expand and develop a set of tools have paid off.

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BNB Greenfield, the new decentralized storage platform

During the last three years, several decentralized storage proposals have emerged. Naturally, the use of free space by some users and the need to store gigantic amounts of information are a perfect mix.

On the other hand, the former willing to receive financial incentives and the latter willing to use alternative storage media to avoid information censorship.

Over the years, the data and information economy has become one of the biggest fields for blockchain technology. BNB Greenfield provides a secure space for trading available storage and sharing information.

dApp development sometimes requires large amounts of storage, for which traditional companies could bill thousands of dollars, while decentralized storage proposals would cost hundreds of dollars.

You can read the BNB Greenfield roadmap here. The ease of creating smart contracts on the BNB Chain and the huge number of use cases make it very attractive. This will benefit the DeFi sector that has been developing despite the fall in the prices of the cryptocurrency markets and the total capitalization.

Decentralized Storage Use Cases

The roadmap states that “BNB Greenfield is not just a new blockchain on BNB, but also an infrastructure and ecosystem aimed at facilitating the decentralized data economy. It tries to achieve this by making it easy to store and manage access to data and linking data ownership to BSC’s massive DeFi context.”

The use cases initially covered include cloud and website storage, personal storage and blockchain data. On the other hand, BNB Greenfield will serve as a market for the commercialization of the product.

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