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BNB has performed better than Bitcoin


For all users inside and outside the crypto world, Bitcoin is the largest representative of cryptocurrencies. And it is that, the first virtual currency, designed by Satoshi Nakamoto eleven years ago, has managed over the years to become the image of Blockchain technology. However, despite the immense increase in its price, BTC has not been the best performing crypto asset. Well, as Altcoin Buzz comments in the Tweet of the day, BNB has performed better than Bitcoin in recent years:

The advance of BNB and Bitcoin

The crypto market has come a long way in recent years, especially when it comes to iconic cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Which has exponentially increased its price, as well as its market capitalization, to become one of the most valued financial assets in the world.

However, there is a small group of cryptocurrencies within the market, which have managed to exceed Bitcoin’s performance in the period from February 2, 2018 to the present. Constantly increasing its value with respect to BTC, that is, increasing its price in terms of the satoshis necessary to buy them.

BNB has performed better than Bitcoin in recent years. Source: Altcoin Buzz
BNB has performed better than Bitcoin in recent years. Source: Altcoin Buzz

And within this exclusive group is Binance Coin (BNB). The cryptocurrency developed by the Binance exchange as the main currency of its Blockchain, Binance Chain. Achieving in recent years to position itself as one of the most important virtual currencies in the world, occupying the number 8 position in the CoinMarketCap ranking.

BNB is one of the few currencies that performed better than Bitcoin in recent years. Binance burned over $ 60 million in BNB tokens and has some of the most impressive features for any currency

Thus, with its step from costing just 0.0005 satoshis to its peak around 0.0045, before its correction to reach the current price of 0.0018 satoshis. BNB has proven that it is one of the most important cryptocurrencies today. Comparing, without any problem, with the performance of Bitcoin.

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