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The University of Buenos Aires will carry out a national conference on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain. For its part, on October 16 the international Blockchain forum will be held in Spain. Expand on these and other breaking Blockchain News, here.

Universidad de Argentina will hold a national conference on Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

In Argentina, the Law School of the University of Buenos Aires (UBA), will complete a meeting called “First National Conference on Cryptocurrencies, Blockchain and Smart Contracts: Fintech, Digital Economy and Decentralization.”

The appointment will be on Friday, October 2, from 4 to 0 (Argentina time), in virtual format. The direction will be in charge of Dr. Johanna C. Faliero (PhD) and the coordination in charge of Francisco José Faliero.

The speakers will be: Johanna Caterina Faliero, Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar, Daniel Rybnik, Romina Ayelén Sejas, Sasha Ivanova, Franco Amati and César Cerrudo.

Registration is free and free, but with limited places.

International Blockchain Technology Forum in Spain will be on October 16

Continuing on breaking blockchain news. It was known that on October 16, the celebration of the international Blockchain and technological innovation forum will take place.

The event is organized by the Iberian Blockchain Institute. Which will bring together national and international references in areas of Cybersecurity, technological innovation and blockchain technology.

Among the confirmations to the event are those of the World Vice President of Economic Development of the US multinational Oracle, Francisco Abbedabro and María Parga, president of Alastria.

The event organized through a face-to-face and virtual system. Its fundamental objectives in the public sphere are to highlight before public administrations.

Thus, as the importance of the new sectors of blockchain technology. Cybersecurity or digitization. The free access and subsidized registration event.

Ernst & Young (EY), will use Blockchain for enterprise resource planning

Ernst & Young, one of the world’s largest consulting firms, has launched a new Ethereum-based solution that aims to optimize enterprise resource planning (ERP).

In a press release, EY said that its EY OpsChain network procurement platform is designed to enable companies to run private end-to-end procurement activities.

The platform uses open source software. Included Baseline Protocol backed by Microsoft. And, then it operates on the public Ethereum blockchain.

According to the statement, the product is designed to support business networks. Allowing buyers and sellers to operate as networks, while automatically tracking volumes and expenses, and using agreed-upon terms and prices.

They intend to move business processes. All this, outside of any ERP system to a shared smart contract. Based on Blockchain, according to the consultancy.

EY Global Blockchain Leader Paul Brody said putting the process on a blockchain means not having to persuade a company to join a “private and expensive network.”

The company also said that based on its experience with other procurement systems, the switch to a Blockchain-based solution has reduced ERP cycle times by more than 90% and costs by up to 40%.

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