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Can Blockchain technology replace the ERP system?


The ERP system, also known by its initials as Enterprise Resource Planning, is one of the most useful and convenient programs to use. This because it allows to carry out different business processes. However, the question that has arisen to many experts in the area is whether such a system could be replaced with Blockchain technology.

What is the ERP system and what is it for?

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), better known in Spanish as Enterprise Resource Planning System, It is a program designed to perform different tasks. Thanks to their design, ERPs adapt perfectly to many of the business processes. Especially those related to logistics, human resources, billing, customer management, among others.

Certainly, these types of programs are very useful, due to how adaptable they usually are. Likewise, they also have other advantages, such as the ease of data organization, the security of the information contained, among others.

However, despite this, ERPs have some weaknesses, and it is for this reason that many experts and amateurs in the technological field have decided to analyze the possibility of replacing this type of program with others that contain Blockchain technology.

Can Blockchain technology supplant it?

Blockchain technology, or blockchain, has shown countless times that it can be perfectly adapted to different programs and systems.

In addition, the qualities of said technology make it one of the best alternatives to ERP systems. In this sense, among the benefits that Blockchain can bring to ERPs, are:

  • Upload data and allow third parties to access them in real time.
  • Guarantee better security and protection of data, against hacks, malware, among others.
  • Maintain public information, so that any individual can access it.
  • Guarantee the visualization of the data at any time.
  • Decentralize processes, to decrease third-party interaction in the program.

Certainly, all these qualities are of great importance and utility for data storage in companies. That is why, many people consider that Blockchain technology can supplant ERP systems.

However, the truth is that a Blockchain specialized in ERP processes has not yet been developed, which is capable of supplanting them in their entirety.

Can ERP system and Blockchain technology coexist?

Despite the fact that Blockchain technology has the ability to completely supplant ERPs, the truth is that companies are choosing to create programs that maintain both concepts.

In other words, ERPs are currently being developed that work with blockchain technology. All this in order to obtain systems that offer the advantages and qualities of both types of technologies.

Therefore, yes, both technologies can perfectly coexist and complement each other in such a way that a better system is obtained. It should also be noted that the creation of programs of this type will greatly benefit a diverse number of sectors, among which is food, finance, pharmaceutical, among many others.

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