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Central Banks and more in Quick News


Central banks will meet to discuss the start of digital currencies

Six major central banks will meet in April to
discuss the development of digital currencies of the central bank (CBDC).

The Japan Times reported on February 6 that, according to a source familiar with the matter, the meeting will see the governors of several central banks discuss a joint investigation into CBDC. In addition, the group will share considerations on possible challenges, such as currency settlement and cybersecurity.

According to reports, the central banks of the European Union,
the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Sweden and Switzerland will meet in Washington DC,
when participants will be there for a Monetary Fund conference

The meeting seems to be part of a broader collaboration recently announced between the central banks involved. In January, the Bank of England announced that it will investigate CBDCs with the other central banks mentioned above and the Bank for International Settlements. According to The Japan Times, the institutions will likely publish a report on the discussion later this year.

UK financial observer seeks cryptocurrency expert

The main financial regulator of the United Kingdom, the
Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is looking to hire a specialist
with a history in cryptocurrencies.

Specifically, the FCA is looking for an intelligence associate with experience in cryptography to address digital assets under the 5th EU Anti-Money Laundering Directive, the regulator said in a LinkedIn job posting on February 6.

Also known as 5AMLD, the new law entered into force on January 10 and represents a great effort to address money laundering and terrorist financing in Europe, as previously reported.

Telegram launches a technical white paper for Blockchain

Telegram, the messaging application company that
He is currently facing a legal fight with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.
UU. For its $ 1.7 billion token sale, it revealed more details about the
technical specifications that support its TON blockchain on Wednesday.

A new technical document details the block validation process for its blockchain, describing it as a Byzantine fault tolerance protocol created to measure for participation test networks. The company was sued by the SEC last year on charges that it sold unregistered securities during the presale of its next gram tokens, the cryptocurrency native to TON. However, this litigation does not seem to be stopping any development on the TON platform.

The developers, led by the startup TON Labs, have been kicking testnet tires since last spring. The new consensus protocol document will give these people “a formal understanding of what they have been testing

The document was planned for launch in October, when the network was originally scheduled to operate, until the SEC litigation interrupted the process.

Fidelity leads financing round

Israeli blockchain startup Clear has raised $ 13 million in a Series A round led by Eight Roads backed by Fidelity.

Clear, which develops blockchain networks for transaction systems
high volume between companies, announced the completion of the round in a
communicated through TechCrunch on February 5.

Eight Roads is a global risk company that originates from
Fidelity’s first investment business, Fidelity Ventures.

Other participants in Series A for Clear were the
risk funds of several global telecommunications leaders: Telefónica
Innovation Ventures of Spain, Telekom Innovation Pool of Deutsche Telekom of
Germany, Hong Kong telco HKT and Singtel Innov8 of Singapore.

Telecoms is Clear’s first sector approach in its
development of a blockchain network and intelligent transactions based on
contracts designed for cross-border payments from business to business (B2B).

Co-founder Gal Hochberg said the contracts
smart in particular are a powerful tool to deal with
large volume international transactions, since:

“Create a reliable vision of the true state of the relationship within the company’s business partners where they can find any problem in real time, whether in commercial information or in the delivery of services, and can even solve the problems within our platform “

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