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ChamPlay will allow donations in cryptocurrencies


The arrival of the Coronavirus has caused representatives of different communities, be they artists, athletes or businessmen, to unite to combat this pandemic. And the video game industry is no exception. Since now the ChamPlay will allow donations with cryptocurrencies to fight against COVID-19.

In the midst of this situation, where the best measure is social distancing, most sporting events have been canceled. That is why athletes Paulo Dybala and Diego Schwartzman devised a way for sports fans to have a unique event with their favorite stars from the comfort of their home.

And it’s not just to help fans get through a more enjoyable quarantine. Rather, the real goal of this event is to raise funds to donate to the Argentine Red Cross. Everything to continue fighting the Coronavirus within the country.

The ChamPlay: FIFA vs. Coronavirus

This event is called World Challenge of Solidarity Play “ChamPlay”. It is a tournament of the famous game FIFA20, which will be played between April 18 and 19.

The ChamPlay will be broadcast through various platforms, such as TyC Sports, DirecTV Sports, Twich and Facebook Live. This in order that fans, both soccer and FIFA can access from their favorite platform and enjoy the tournament.

And this is not the best part. The participants of the ChamPlay will be nothing more and nothing less than great celebrities of Latin American soccer. These include Sergio Kun Agüero, James Rodríguez and Facu Campazzo among others.

Everyone will be playing from home, broadcasting live and inviting the public to collaborate with donations so that, in this match against the Coronavirus, humanity ends up winning “by a landslide.”

Cryptocurrencies add to the game

But the great soccer players are not the only ones to play this match. This time, they will have support from the cryptocurrency industry.

SatoshiTango, the well-known Argentine crypto exchange, announced that it would join the initiative. In this way, cryptocurrency donations will be enabled to contribute to the tournament.

Therefore, not only FIFA or soccer lovers are invited to donate, but also cryptocurrency enthusiasts. Since, in this situation, all the industries are uniting so that the Argentine Red Cross receives donations and can continue its work against COVID-19.

“We are very proud to be part of this event with the clear mission of collaborating in fundraising in a reliable and transparent manner and of providing all the necessary technology to carry out this charitable challenge. The donated cryptocurrencies will be received directly in an account of the Argentine Red Cross ”. Matías Bari Co-Founder and CEO of SatoshiTango assured.

How to take part?

The ChamPlay will be streamed live from the homes of the invited players and celebrities. The mimes will play quarterfinals, semi and final matches with their teams. Each program is estimated to last approximately three and a half hours.

To join to collaborate, you must enter and choose payment method. It can be done with bank transfer, credit or debit cards. Donations in cryptocurrencies can also be made with Bitcoin and Dai, through SatoshiTango.

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