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Changpeng Zhao winks at Bill Gates


Never before has humanity faced a threat of the magnitude of the Coronavirus. No matter how you look at it, the disease born in China is transforming the world we live in. And every day that passes without a cure found, is one more day with hundreds of deaths across the planet. Therefore, Changpeng Zhao, founder of Binance, has winked at Bill Gates, showing his admiration for the effort he is making to find the cure.

The fight against Coronavirus

Every day that passes without humanity finding a cure for the Coronavirus, hundreds of lives are lost.

And it is that, despite all the social distancing that we can apply, and the enormous efforts that humanity is making to stay in quarantine, these measures can only delay the expansion of COVID-19. However, ultimately, they cannot stop it.

For this reason, there are several pharmaceutical companies around the world that are working day and night to get a vaccine for Coronavirus. Putting all the resources that they are capable of in this company. However, as with any goal you want to achieve in the world, money makes the difference.

Zhao’s admiration for Bill Gates

Therefore, we should not be surprised by the wink to Bill Gates that Changpeng Zhao has made in his account of Twitter. After the billionaire founder of Microsoft pledged much of his fortune to fund efforts to find the Coronavirus vaccine. What Zhao recognized through a tweet:

I respect business acumen and people’s success. I respect him much more when they also have a good heart. I have a lot of respect for Gates. There is much to learn” It can be read in the message dedicated by the founder of Binance, to whom he is one of the leading figures in the technological world and philanthropist.

We must remember that Changpeng Zhao himself is leading an effort to finance the fight against the Coronavirus, through the charitable arm of his exchange, Binance Charity. With which, he plans to finance the necessary medical equipment for those countries that are having the worst time due to COVID-19.

Thus demonstrating, both Gates and Zhao, that business is not in conflict with humanity, both putting everything of themselves, including their fortunes, to address the greatest crisis humanity has suffered in centuries.

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