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Coca Cola will accept Bitcoin at vending machines


Consumers are waiting. Since Coca Cola will accept Bitcoin, in more than 2,000 vending machines, through the mobile app, Sylo Smart Wallet. Although at the moment it will only be in New Zealand and Australia.

Although at first it seems that it will not be too significant. Obviously it is one of the largest companies in the world that is accepting payments with BTC.

The initiative comes after the Coca Cola Amatil alliance, the largest bottler and distributor of the brand in Asia Pacific, with digital asset payments startup Centrapay.

The alliance will allow users to pay with various cryptocurrencies for products from Amatil’s vending machines, through an app on their smartphones.

This alliance is an important advance. It should be emphasized that this could be the beginning of a chain reaction that achieves the positioning of cryptocurrencies in the world.

Coca Cola will accept Bitcoin in its vending machines

To pay with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, users will only need to download the Sylo application on their smartphones.s, which combines instant messaging with crypto wallet.

They can then use it to scan a QR code from Coca Cola vending machines and cancel for digital currency products.

The next step of BTC and Coca Cola Amatil

This association is being made in one of the most important and precise moments for the world reality.

It should be noted that Coca Cola Amatil is one of the most important companies in the two countries and also the largest bottling company in the world belonging to the Coca Cola firm. In addition, currently this company manages to meet the needs of some 250 million users.

So this number of people who are possible new users of Bitcoin, can make access to digital currencies much greater.

In this regard, Centrapay CEO Jerome Faury commented:

“Now that we have demonstrated how it can work in Australia and New Zealand, we are looking to grow the business globally.”

He also added: “We have established a presence in North America and will target the United States market.”

Reduce the risk of COVID-19

The launch comes at a strategic time, as the use of digital currencies could reduce physical contact with vending machines, a prevailing concern during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

In Faury’s opinion, cryptocurrencies provide additional benefits to both businesses and consumers. Among them, the reduction in the use of physical payment mechanisms stands out, a crucial issue at the moment.

For this reason, Faury indicated:

“Centrapay comes with the added benefit of reducing physical contact and tackling hygiene issues that we all know acutely from COVID-19.”

Finally, Coca Cola has decided to initiate this new step as a pilot plan, to observe the way in which cryptocurrencies were adopted by users who wanted to buy from vending machines.

Coca Cola’s foray into this wonderful world of cryptocurrencies could be an important step towards the massive adoption of Bitcoin. What would be your opinion about it?

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