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Coronavirus leaves Chinese miners out of work


Coronavirus continues to wreak havoc. Now, those affected are the Chinese crypto miners who have had to stop their operations; both mining and hardware manufacturing; for this new global health crisis.

Chinese government aggressive against the virus

As we know, the source of this strong respiratory disease originated in the city of central China in Wuhan. And since it was discovered; telling a series of serious errors of the Chinese government; They have done everything possible to prevent the spread of the fearsome Coronavirus 🦠.

One of these measures that the Chinese central government has taken to keep everything under control are quarantine situations. With this measure, a hundred cities have been closed, and their inhabitants cannot enter or leave the town or city; Only if you are a foreigner.

Hardware manufacturers suffer

Three leading manufacturers in the manufacture of mining hardwares notified their customers worldwide that merchandise shipments would be delayed a few weeks. All due to the quarantine that has prevented many of its employees from attending work.

These three big ones are nothing more and nothing less than, MicroBT, Bitmain and Innosilicon.

The ASICs you ordered cannot be sent immediately. Since the Chinese government extended the holiday hours of the new year due to the outbreak of the disease that everyone already knows, said Artem Eremin, product manager of the retail ASIC 3Logic.

Meanwhile, in a post sent by MicroBT by WeChat. He said the holidays will run until at least February 9; “If the situation does not continue to worsen.”

The farms are also affected

Another important sector of the crypto ecosystem, the miners; they have had to close their doors due to the worldwide epidemic that affects everyone.

An important mining farm called Zhuoer, has told the media that:

All crypto mining machines at our disposal have been forced to close their doors momentarily. Due to the increase in vacations, and the large cities they have placed under quarantine, said Jiang Zhuoer, CEO of this farm.

The staff states, according to the mining farm, that they had never stopped working, not even the maintenance staff. But this virus 🦠 has affected the normality of the Chinese people 😷.

Recall that most of the computing power of the Bitcoin Blockchain network comes from China. Is the BTC Blockchain network in trouble? Are Chinese miners in trouble?

Meanwhile, according to the latest news, Coronavirus has arrived in Latin America. Particularly to Colombia.

We alert our readers not to be victims of Fake News, much less of racist and xenophobic acts. This is not what being part of this cryptoverse we support, but, on the contrary.

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Ernesto Briceño Leonett

Economics student of the UCV. Defender of individual freedoms and of course also of the market and cryptocurrencies.

Ernesto Briceño Leonett

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