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Coronavirus panic shakes Ethereum


With the number of Coronavirus cases increasing to 937,567, with 194,311 patients recovered and 47,256 deaths, each country has taken drastic measures. As a result, COVID-19 has wrecked small or large businesses, resulting in entire industries falling at its feet. This Coronavirus pandemic has progressed from a deadly health emergency to a global financial crisis, although the crypto market is different, as we will see with Ethereum.

Among the measures carried out by the countries, strict quarantine protocols are found and the total blockade at the national level is applied more than expected, causing the temporary closure of companies to discourage community contact. People are asked to stay home while the government tries to save what it can.

Ethereum reacts to panic to Coronavirus

The cryptocurrency market did not escape the pandemic crisis as investors witnessed massive price fluctuations due to the Coronavirus panic. However, cryptocurrency prices appear to rebound early last week despite equity markets still struggling.

Ethereum (ETH), the second most valuable cryptocurrency, showed price increases alongside other crypto giants like BTC. On March 23, ETH started with a high of $ 125 and increased to $ 140 on March 24, an increase of 12% in 48 hours.

ETH 12% price increase on March 24, PrimeBit WebTrader.
ETH 12% price increase on March 24, PrimeBit WebTrader.

The volatility of the crypto market currently makes investors go crazy. Considering that trying to predict prices becomes increasingly complex as the fight against the Coronavirus continues and the panic it generates.

The ETH price recovery gave some analysts hope as the head-and-shoulder pattern began to form. However, on March 27, ETH experienced another stumble. It peaked at $ 140 before falling and closing at $ 130, a -7% decline in 24 hours.

ETH -7% dip in price on March 27, despite recovering in previous days, PrimeBit.
ETH -7% price dip on March 27th despite recovering on previous days, PrimeBit.

While aggressive price waves can be troubling, other unsuspecting crypto investors see bright profit opportunities in these tough times. It is the perfect setting for Ethereum enthusiasts to increase their holdings and buy ETH while the price is still low, a good time to upgrade your cryptocurrency portfolio. Having more ETH means more profit going forward as prices are expected to rise again as the Coronavirus panic subsides.

Final thoughts

Margin traders also have their eyes on technical analysis to spot opportunities through leveraged margin trading. Taking advantage of market volatility through leverage means substantial gains for them and, of course, the ability to diversify their positions.

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