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Coronavirus: Scammers stole crypto donations


Today the entire humanity is facing one of the greatest challenges in our history: the Coronavirus. Well, the disease continues to wreak havoc on society, requiring everyone’s support. However, this did not stop the group of scammers who stole crypto donations to fight the virus.

The battle against the Coronavirus

The past few days have been crucial to the nations’ fight against the Coronavirus.

Recalling that, after his arrival in Italy, the disease began to spread rapidly throughout the western world, wreaking havoc in its wake. Both in terms of human lives, with Spain and Italy bearing the weight of hundreds of deaths, and economically by paralyzing productive and commercial activities.

This has led to the majority of western governments taking radical measures to stop the spread of the Coronavirus. Going from the suspension of international flights, to the total quarantine of the population to avoid contagion.

And of course, in the midst of this context, solidarity has also begun to flourish, with hundreds of people around the world, voluntary donations of resources to combat the Coronavirus in the countries most affected by it. Including crypto donations like the ones the Italian Red Cross is accepting.

Usurpation of WHO and crypto donations

Unfortunately, and despite the emergency situation that the world is going through, there are still groups that take advantage of this to profit. Even going to scam other people, as did the group of scammers that usurped the identity of the WHO and stole crypto donations directed to the organization.

This would have been reported by cybersecurity analyst at Sophos firm, Chester Wisniewski, through a tweet in which he showed an email sent by a group of scammers. In the same, the scammers asked for crypto donations in Bitcoin for the solidarity response fund against the Coronavirus launched by the WHO.

This royal fund was launched with the support of two of the world’s leading technology companies, Google and Facebook. And it aims to collect crypto donations from individuals to face the Coronavirus, through the official website created for this purpose.

The attempt of these scammers to impersonate the WHO, and to get the money destined to fight the pandemic, reminds us that even in these times, we must remain alert to the information we find on the internet. For there are immoral groups willing to profit from the suffering of others. Making this our Today’s Data here at CryptoTrend.

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