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COVID-19 will be a turning point for Bitcoin


Hardly anyone expects that things will continue to be as they have been after the Coronavirus. And it is that, the pandemic that hits all the countries of the world, has come to affect not only our health, but also the way the economy works, including the crypto world. COVID-19 being a turning point for Bitcoin, as Cameron Winklevoss says in our Tweet of today:

COVID-19: A turning point for Bitcoin?

Since arriving in the West in mid-March, the Coronavirus has proven to be unlike any other disease faced by humanity for at least a century. Causing thousands of unfortunate deaths in a few weeks. Forcing more than 2 billion people to quarantine, with the aim of preventing contagion levels from continuing to rise.

This pandemic has also seriously affected the economy. Preventing companies from continuing their activities normally. And thus, bringing the world to the brink of a global recession, which governments are trying to stop with multi-million dollar stimulus packages.

A situation that has impacted the crypto world, leading in the early days of the expansion of COVID-19 in the west, to a collapse in the price of Bitcoin. Generating, due to the great influence that BTC exerts on the entire crypto market, a general collapse in the price of cryptocurrencies.

Despite this, the uncontrolled issuance of money by governments to finance their stimulus plans, along with the proximity of Halving in the Bitcoin Blockchain, has generated optimism in the crypto world.

With the majority of crypto influencers and market analysts, ensuring that BTC will emerge stronger after this crisis. Including among them Cameron Winklevoss, one of the owners of Gemini:

“The pandemic will be a turning point for Bitcoin and the metaverse”

With this message sent via Twitter, Cameron Winklevoss would be representing the Coronavirus as a litmus test for the BTC. An opinion shared by most users of the crypto community. They expect the cryptocurrency to increase in importance amid the global crisis.

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