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Craig Wright already has 200 Blockchain patents


The controversial Craig Wright announced that he already has 200 Blockchain patents and that he is seeking to reach 6000. This is part of his agenda, which seeks to eliminate Bitcoin holders and altcoin scams.

Craig Wright is one of the most controversial characters in the crypto industry. Mainly because Satoshi Nakamoto proclaimed himself, who is the creator of Bitcoin. However, the controversy surrounding this character ranges from ensuring that he is the creator of BTC, to legal disputes. But this time we will focus on the Blockchain patent acquisitions you have made recently.

Using his nChain company, Wright states that between 100 and 200 patents have already been granted. In addition, he said he had launched a campaign to gain control over holders and alternative currencies.

“Basically it all came down to if I really want to … try to stop all the fractures, forks and scams of altcoins that are appearing to pretend to be Blockchains, so the only way I could really think was to start patenting.”

On top of that, Wright also added that:

“I can charge some of them money. I mean, you can license technology. Others that are basically scams, a kind of broken version of Bitcoin like BTC that you don’t need (try and stop), are already broken. Eventually, people will realize that they do nothing. ”

The problem with Lightning Network

However, owning so many patents, and planning to increase this number, can bring important consequences to the crypto ecosystem. Such is the case of Lightning Network.

According to Craig Wright, it has the necessary Blockchain patents for some Lightning Network functions to be performed.

“I have patents on EDI (electronic data exchange) in Blockchain, I have patents on all these other things. The way it makes Bitcoin work and scale I own the patents. ”

This means that some Lightning Network functions will require Wright’s approval or, at least, that you will be paid a commission for their use.

And the controversial character does not plan to stop here, but continued to ensure that: “By the time I finish my current list, the 1450 documents I have already submitted, the company will end up with around 6,000 patents.”

If Craig Wright continues to acquire Blockchain patents, it could create a significant imbalance in the ecosystem. Even the decentralized characteristic of it would begin to lose value.

That is why many people have protested against Wright’s actions. However, the self-proclaimed Satoshi Nakamoto does not seem to have any intention of stopping at its task of obtaining more Blockchain patents.

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