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Crypto candidate Andrew Yang leaves the race


In the last months of the campaign for the candidacy of the Democratic Party in the United States, there is a name that has stood out for its ideas. We refer to Andrew Yang, the cryptocurrency friendly candidate candidate. Who, after the results obtained in the New Hampshire elections, has decided to leave the race for the candidacy.

The american election year

It is an election year in the United States of America, and this shows throughout the world. With all eyes on the possible candidates to be Donald Trump’s opponent in the November presidential elections.

But so far, if something has characterized the Democratic campaign, it has been the division observed within the party. With candidates of what can be considered the American “status quo” as Joe Biden. Competing with rising figures like Mayor Pete Buttigieg, or leftist figures like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders.

And among the more than 20 Democratic candidates for the nomination of the Party, we find Andrew Yang. An American businessman, who decided to run with an emphasis in his campaign on new technologies. Especially in the use of cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

This won great sympathy for Yang in the crypto world. Well, he quickly became the Democratic candidate with the most progressive electoral platform in the technological field. Although it remained moderate in most of the other agenda items, touched during the campaign.

Yang quits the race

However, the advancement of Yang’s ideas regarding the crypto world has not been enough. And, although he advocated the creation of a regulatory framework that allowed individuals and companies, to start investing in cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology, without fearing a regulatory change that would put their capital overnight. Yang has decided to abandon his presidential aspirations today.

Yang’s statements come after the results of the New Hampshire primary elections are known. Where Senator Bernie Sanders (25.7%) has won the victory, closely followed by Mayor Buttigieg (24.4%). Keeping in this way unchanged, the trend that had already been observed in the Iowa elections a few days ago.

On the other hand, Yang would have obtained a too small number of votes (2.8% of the total), to aspire to approach the candidates who are currently scoring the Democratic race. Which seriously compromises your chances of winning the nomination of the party.

Given this situation, Andrew has preferred to step aside, accepting that for now his ideas have not penetrated the American public: «They know I’m the math boy, and tonight it’s clear from the numbers that we’re not going to win this race. I am not someone who wants to accept donations and support in a career we will not win“Yang said to his followers tonight.

In this way, the career of a candidate that could have elevated cryptocurrencies to a new level within the United States is ended. What, however, does not rule out the possibility of its technological platform being adopted by another candidate. Well, it tries to satisfy an important need for the United States: the development of its capabilities in Blockchain.

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