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Crypto companies seek workers from home


The Coronavirus pandemic appears to be far from over. But, this is no excuse for the crypto ecosystem, which is still looking for new staff. Sure, I do work from home. In this content we will list 4 crypto companies looking for workers from home, are you ready?

The Coronavirus Effect continues to wreak havoc on humanity. And unless a vaccine is found soon, the chances of our lives being “normal” again are not very high.

Although some countries already have plans to open the quarantine slowly. The truth is that no one yet knows what will happen in the medium or long term.

But, despite all the climate of negativity, we must try to overcome all these situations and find a good remote job that allows us to stay as far away from all the uncertainty that exists.

Crypto companies seek workers from home


This crypto company is currently building the tools and framework for a secure, private, and open source Web3.

This entire project will be based on the Ethereum Blockchain. This gives users the possibility to chat and even carry out any type of transaction.

With the high-level goals of preserving the right to privacy, mitigating the risk of censorship, and promoting economic trade in a transparent and open manner, Status is building a community where anyone can join and contribute.

Status’s work culture is 100% work from home, they have no offices and it is not their intention to get it. Like most organizations, they employ people in different countries.

Status is currently hiring a senior product design architect and a protocol engineer.

Lunie seeks crypto workers

This is a platform that tries to create a governance system under the Proof of Stake (PoS) modality. The team currently has 6 members, has come a long way since its humble start a year ago: launching the beta version of Lunie Mobile for iPhone and Android.

Staking is still a relatively new idea, and Lunie’s team is taking it as a technological and social experiment. Their ultimate goal is to gain more traction and make an impact by permanently solving some of the more technical challenges facing Blockchain networks today.

If you are passionate about the Blockchain ecosystem, you have experience as a developer and are interested in being at the forefront of the cryptoverse. They are currently hiring a JavaScript engineer to join their team.


CMC is the website of the cryptoverse that attracts the most attention. It is also the world’s most referenced portal for crypto price tracking, having grown since 2013 into a trusted resource for providing accurate crypto and exchange classifications.

Your team is distributed and completely remote. Since the team of this important portal believes in a decentralized world, with the aim of promoting the crypto revolution to the public with its impartial, high-quality and accurate data.

CoinMarketCap’s current openings, all remote, include a site reliability engineer, tool engineer, Staking engineer, front-end engineer, product manager, and an ambassador.


Argent has built a crypto wallet based on the Ethereum Blockchain (ETH) that aims to increase accessibility to DeFi projects, as well as send and exchange all types of active crypto, for all types of users.

The crypto wallet does not have the Custody service. This allows users to have 100% control over their digital assets and all information remains private for all but the user.

In March of this year, they announced their $ 12 million Series A funding round with Paradigm, Index Ventures and Creandum among their sponsors. The Argent team is mainly based in Europe and is a 100% remote team.

They are currently looking to expand the non-engineering side of the team and are hiring a project manager.

These 4 Crypto companies are looking for workers from home. You are ready? Of course there are many more options out there, and that the Coronavirus is not an excuse that does not allow you to continue improving.

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