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Crypto Latino community will meet at the Blockchain Summit Latam


Despite the fact that cryptocurrencies and the world of Blockchain technology are developed exclusively online. The crypto community had become accustomed in recent years to attending face-to-face events in which to exchange advances and visions. A trend that was interrupted by the emergence of the Coronavirus. However, now the crypto Latino community will meet at the Blockchain Summit Latam with a virtual format.

The impact of the Coronavirus on the crypto community

Without a doubt, the crypto world has been one of the sectors least affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. And it is that, although indeed the virus born in China has impacted crypto companies, altering their work patterns, and forcing them to innovate in certain aspects of their business processes. This period of health emergency has also been one of the most productive for cryptocurrencies in general.

Thus, despite having to resort to teleworking, creativity has not stopped flowing in the crypto market. With large companies like Binance taking advantage of this period to launch dozens of new products, including debit cards, DeFi products, and even a new Blockchain. Reaching the point of having observed one of the biggest booms in the market in recent years, with the fever of decentralized finance.

Sadly, not all sectors of the crypto community have emerged unscathed from the pandemic. Well, since large physical meetings cannot be held, face-to-face events on cryptocurrencies have suffered. Paralyzing a sector that had experienced a great rise in recent years. What has forced events like the Blockchain Summit Latam to innovate.

The Blockchain Summit Latam goes to the virtual format

The Blockchain Summit Latam is one of the most important face-to-face events of the Latin crypto community. Every year bringing together the main personalities of the sector in Latin America, creating a very popular exchange and relationship space among users.

However, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the fourth edition of this event had to be canceled in its face-to-face version. What has not prevented the organizers from launching a new Blockchain Summit Latam, which will be held from November 2 to 6 in a totally virtual format.

The crypto Latino community will meet at the Blockchain Summit Latam

This edition of the Blockchain Summit Latam will feature 80 speakers of the stature of Camila Russo or Santiago Siri, and 25 hours of content. The spaces are divided into 5 themes, dedicating one day to each one:

Monday 2nd: Infrastructure and dApps.
Tuesday 3rd: Latin American Ecosystem.
Wednesday 4th: Governments & Business.
Thursday 5th: Economy & Financial Services.
Friday 6th: Decentralized Finance.

The organization of the event is in charge of LatAmTech, and it is expected to have the presence of at least 1,500 attendees from the crypto community. Being able to participate by simply registering on the event’s website, with the option of purchasing a VIP ticket for $ 90, as well as following some of the events through YouTube.

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