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Cryptocurrencies as a new world order?


How many conspiracy theories have we not read about the Coronavirus pandemic and about creating a new Status Quo? But, the question we ask ourselves in this sector is, Can cryptocurrencies be part of the new world order? Is it time for cryptoverse conspiracy theories?

Since this fateful year 2020 began, conspiracy theories have surrounded us. From who started the fires in Australia 🇦🇺, to the almost war between Iran 🇮🇷 and the United States 🇺🇸. And finally, the Coronavirus in China 🇨🇳.

But the latter was the one that caused the most stir. Well, it has plunged humanity into absolute darkness. Perhaps not seen since the two great wars of the 20th century. Or a pandemic like the black plague.

Recently, it has been the same CIA and President Trump who increasingly say they have more tests that directly link a laboratory in Wuhan – China with the creation of the new strain of the virus of the Corona family. Which is actually called SARS-CoV-2, while the disease is called COVID-19.

“President Trump suggests that he has seen evidence that the Coronavirus was created in a laboratory in Wuhan.”

But with what intention would China have done this? Easy, to establish a new world order. This, in turn, has awakened new theories regarding the role of cryptocurrencies in this world order.

Can cryptocurrencies be part of the new world order?

One of these roles that cryptocurrencies can bring in a new world order is to be the currency of the world elite. Which would try to take advantage of all the world chaos generated by the Coronavirus to take control of planet earth. Some have even doubted the existence of the said virus.

But how would they try to take advantage of the chaos? Thanks to a patent that we have already mentioned in CryptoTrend. The device to mine cryptocurrencies through Microsoft’s body activity.

According to various YouTubers, such as Noticias del Fin – NDF and Redditore. The patent that bears the name of “WO – 2020/060606” is the key that explains the reason for the current Coronavirus crisis.

Microsoft patent WO-2020/060606 for mining crypts with bodily activity

This tells us that Microsoft filed a patent application for “cryptocurrency system using body activity data” and received the number “WO2020060606”. However, there is some controversy, given that the application, which was filed in 2019, does not mention implants, 5G, or the Coronavirus.

But, “experts” in conspiracy theories have found the key to what Bill Gates is trying to do with humanity in the patent number.

For these characters, the WO represents the initials of “World Order” or world order in Spanish. 2020 represents the current year. And, you won’t believe us, 060606 is the representation of the demon number 666. “This because the zeros to the left don’t count, and Bill Gates couldn’t be that obvious.”

Furthermore, for conspiratists, the fact that Bill Gates last year predicted the arrival of a new pandemic, along with his patent for mining crypts with a device, which for them will be implanted in the body. It is a sign that all this is a plan of the world elites.

But is this number WO2020060606 really the key to the theory or does it represent it?

In reality, WO does not represent the acronyms of world order, but is the code that is assigned to a patent filed in the United States from a foreign country or organization.

While 2020 is what conspiracy theories say, it is the date of the current year. Well, it is the date on which the patent office verifies and accepts the application.

Now, 060606 are 5 numbers chosen at random, and that cannot be repeated in the year. Was it just a coincidence in this issue?

Another thing that must be said is that Bill Gates has nothing to do with this project, it is not its inventor. If not these 3 scientists: Abramson, Derrick Johnson and Joseph Edwin.

Additionally, Bill Gates has been separated from Microsoft’s decisions for some time to pursue philanthropy.

Cryptocurrencies as the new world order

Leaving aside conspiracy theories that involve new technologies, and the end of the world. Of course, without expressing that they are lies, because, just as there is no evidence to prove them, there is also no evidence to deny them, at least not 100%. Let’s go back to tangible reality.

In this reality, which we can all observe without any theory, without a doubt cryptocurrencies seem to have a vital role in the world that we will have after the reopening of the world. Which we long for to be very soon.

But, its role will not be as simple as “The New Safe Haven”, or “The world currency”. If not, it will also impact such complicated topics as “La Libertad”, “La Identidad” and “La Vida”.

The world banks continue printing money as if there were no tomorrow, it is that in reality, for them perhaps there is not. This will undoubtedly, in the medium and long term, bring an increase in inflation, and social problems such as inequity.

This, partly because a large part of those billions of dollars without any type of endorsement whatsoever, are not falling into everyone’s pockets, but rather from the much-mentioned 1%, the billionaires.

In addition, the closure of borders, and trade routes have impacted those people who always suffer with the greatest intensity the impact of any crisis: “The Normal People.” More than 20 million unemployed in the United States, and this number will continue to rise worldwide in the coming months.

The new crypto world order?

This coupled with uncertainty about the future and the lack of public confidence in state institutions will generate an increasing migration to the world of cryptocurrencies.

Are cryptocurrencies ready to be part of the new world order? The answer is: Of course yes! But will humanity be ready for cryptocurrencies as part of the new order?

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