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Cryptocurrencies empower women


Women’s month is the perfect opportunity to talk about the problems that prevent equal opportunities between men and women. And, although it is becoming smaller, women continue to face discrimination and lack of ways to be independent throughout the world. Something that cryptocurrencies can help as evidenced by Gemini and the Mona Foundation in our Tweet of today:

Women: Crypto Empowerment

Around the world, women face challenges so that their rights are recognized. Either the disparity in wages in Western countries, or the most inhuman repressions to which they are subjected in countries in Africa and the Middle East. Female liberation is an agenda item that must be addressed urgently.

And in this sector, as in most of the problems that affect our planet, cryptocurrencies can be of great help. As a means to promote female empowerment. By giving women around the world a way of income, either as cryptoactive traders, or as experts in an upward sector such as Blockchain technology.

At the end of the day, if something will need the world economy in the decades to come, they will be experts in this new technology, whether male or female. Therefore, when training in this area, women will have access to unknown opportunities so far. That will allow them to gain autonomy and independence from their male peers. Something that Gemini, the Winklevoss brothers’ company, works in alliance with the Mona Foundation and The Giving Block.

The potential of #crypto to benefit women worldwide is transformative. This # IWD2020, we have partnered with @Gemini & @TheGivingBlock to raise awareness about financial disparities between genders. ” Pray the Mona Foundation tweet.

Thus, Gemini and The Giving Block would be taking advantage of the cryptocurrency’s facilities to carry out operations worldwide, to finance a program such as the Mona Foundation. Demonstrating how crypto world and feminist struggles can shake hands throughout the world.

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