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Cryptocurrencies present at EFI Week Online


While the quarantine caused by Covid-19 has hampered the world of cryptocurrency forums, conventions, and meetings, it does not imply that it has stopped. For this reason, at CriptoTendencia we are proud to announce that we will cover the EFI Week Online, where they will expose our favorite topic: Cryptocurrencies.

Economy, Finance and Investments in Argentina

It is from these three words that the name of the event arises, reflecting the themes it focuses on. In addition, as it appears in the title, the organizers are located in Argentina, designing this entire event for us Spanish speakers.

EFI Week Online will start on June 22, ending on the 26 of the same month, thus providing a full week of talks on interesting topics. Particularly, something we like is that they planned so that almost every day we have a cryptocurrency talk.

Another important detail to highlight is that this is the first edition of this event, which will be held online by Zoom. Although, if for some reason you can not upload the video by the signal, they announced that they will repeat the talks via YouTube.

On this occasion, we opened our mouths about the cryptocurrency talks offered by EFI Week Online. However, if you want to see the full agenda, you can check its official website.

Cryptocurrencies on stage

The EFI Week Online proposes a fairly complete agenda on issues of economy, finance and investment, but we are interested in cryptocurrencies. Each talk will last approximately 45 minutes, which include the presentation and questions to the panelists.

Stressing that each talk will always have a central speaker, being the one who organizes the panelists and allows them to be the bridge with the public.

It’s time for Plan B (Bitcoin) – Ivan Tello “DeCrypto”

We started with the first day’s talk, with Ivan Tello as the representative of the cryptocurrencies at EFI Week Online. In addition, he represents the organization where he is Head of Operations, Decrypto, one of the most influential exchanges in the territory.

The expectations of his panel is to tell us how Bitcoin is the Plan B which has been harvesting for 11 years. Even, as he has experience in Argentina, he is expected to explain about the future of cryptocurrencies in Latin America.

Cryptocurrencies – Miguel Schweizer and Rodolfo Andragnes

The next crypto talk is on the third day of the event, jumping on the second day. However, even if we avoid one day, this second crypto talk has the potential to be one of the best at the event.

We say this for the invited panelists, starting with Michael Shweizer, co-founder and Head of Risk of one of the most influential ICO funds, Quantia Capital. The other panelist manages to compete for the spotlight, given that Rodolfo Andragnes is known for founding the first crypto NGO in Latin America, NGO Bitcoin Argentina. Furthermore, if the name sounds familiar to you from any of our publications, he is one of the first organizers of the largest cryptocurrency event in Latin America, the LaBitConf.

Book: Cryptocurrencies, status – Gonzalo Arzuaga and Gonzalo Blousson

Continuing with the cryptocurrency talks, we find a unique panel for us, given that in all the events we have attended, we have not seen one like this. This panel is special because Gonzalo Arzuaga will explain, discuss and defend his own book, with the presence of Gonzalo Blousson. It is an interesting experience for us because in the events we have participated, no one has ever defended its creation.

The future of payments – Miguel Kudry “BITSO”

Finally, to close the event and the talks, we find a topic that is trending on our page, being the adoption of cryptocurrencies.

The person in charge of guiding us during this panel is Michael Kudry, brought from Mexico to represent Bitso, a platform aiming to help other companies adopt cryptocurrencies, starting with Bitcoin and Ethereum.

We are waiting for you next Monday to start EFI Week Online and see the power of cryptocurrencies in our lives.

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