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Cryptojacking: what is it and how to prevent it?


Cryptojacking is a form of digital threat, which translates to the hijacking of computers and other devices in which cryptocurrencies are mined.

This process happens when a code is entered into a site, so that when a person enters that website, part of the processing of their equipment is used to mine or generate cryptocurrencies. Using their resources to extract the different forms of digital currencies.

How cryptojacking works

Cryptojackers have several ways to operate, one of them, and the most common of all, is through malicious links. When the cyptojacking victim’s computer becomes infected, it begins to work to mine cryptocurrencies.

The process involves the introduction of JavaScript code on the website, using the CoinHive tool, thus cryptojacking is developed as a threat.

Then, it begins to mine with the machines of the users that use the URL, lowering the capacity of the equipment without the owners noticing it, in which they can use from 20% to 60% of the capacity of the machine.

How computer hijacking arises and continues

While the use of cryptojacking is relatively new, malicious coin mining is a high-profile crime on the web, known as the greatest threat in the digital world.

It is a way to easily earn money, which further develops its use among cryptojackers, abusing the capacity of the victims’ equipment, increasing their electricity consumption and decreasing the battery of their mobile devices.

How to prevent it

First, identify the speed of our team. If we notice a big drop in the performance of our team, look for the website that could be compromised.

The use of extensions. Use extensions that block mining software, such as No Coin Y MinerBlock.

Consider the use of new browsers, with greater protection against web miners, as in the case of Opera.

Use of antivirus. Using an antivirus to detect malicious mining.

Decrease the use of JavaScript, to prevent cryptojacking on different web pages. However, this could affect your browsing quality.

The use of Adblocking, allows the detection of ads which, in many cases, can be infected.

Finally, keep a good virtual hygiene. Avoid sharing passwords, leaving computers on and opening suspicious emails.

Basically, being more aware and responsible for our online browsing, to reduce any form of virtual attack.

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