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Decentralize: Stablecoins in context – TREND CRYPT


During the second day of forums corresponding to the DescentralizAR event, the topic of stablecoins was discussed in the context of digital money. Stable coins are one of the most important innovations in the crypto world for the future of digital money.

In the forum, they were presenting their points of view, Mariano Di Pietrantonio and Max Carjuzaa, from Marker Dao and Money on Chain respectively. These important representatives of this stablecoins movement, showed important differences of perception, but also points in common.

It is important to note that, unlike cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other altcoins, stablecoins do not suffer from volatility. The similarity is that they are decentralized and operate within the Blockchain network.

Decentralize, putting stablecoins in context

As pointed out by the forors in DescentralizAR, stablecoins or stable currencies are, in context, cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. However, they are collateral for fiat currencies or commodities. They have the peculiarity that they do not suffer from the price volatility problems that affect Bitcoin, Litecoin or ETH.

In this sense, Max Carjuzaa, expresses that having Bitcoin can be positive, but at times it is a source of concern. “If you want to buy a computer and save for that in Bitcoin, you don’t know if in the end you can buy it”, he assured, emphasizing the most common problem of the pioneering cryptocurrency.

For their part, stablecoins, according to the opinion of Mariano Di Pietrantonio, can bring some problems. Those tokens that are collateral to a fiat currency, he explains, may be victims of regulators. Although he points out that it is not a totally bad problem either, since “There are good regulations and bad regulations”.

Both panelists from DescentralizAR agree that the stablecoin movement is just beginning in the current context. This is a set of projects that will bring important advances to finances, especially with the birth of the CBDC, Di Pietrantonio stressed.

DescentralizAR panelists agree that stablecoins are a booming business.
According to the speakers of DescentralizAR, China is one of the countries that is at the forefront of stablecoins.

Stablecoins anchored to fiat or other resources?

Among the points where both DescentralizAR panelists showed different approaches to stablecoins, was that of their equivalent. For Maker Dao’s Di Pietrantonio, a stable coin, must offer the option of being collateral to a fiat coin or a resource like gold, for example. This would serve to prevent possible attacks by regulators.

According to Max Carjuzaa, from Money on Chain, a stablecoin must be fixed in a certain type of fiat money, for example, the Dollar, the Euro or the Peso. As for resources such as gold, he assured that it is an unfeasible subject, due to the difficulty of auditing this resource.

An alternative to the limitations of traditional money

It should be borne in mind that stablecoins, as outlined in DescentralizAR, are alternatives to the obstacles of the traditional system. As is known, the Dollar has become a political and pressure weapon of the United States against companies and countries.

The most notorious case is the sanctions against Chinese companies that have important advances in technological matters. In this sense, stablecoins come in a context that would serve as coverage for the development of new technologies.

Data to consider

  • According to DescentralizAR panelists, stablecoins have all the advantages of cryptocurrencies, but without volatility.
  • Some stablecoins are tied to fiat currencies, but also to resources like gold and other minerals.
  • With the use of stablecoins, some technology companies and countries will be able to escape sanctions imposed by the United States and the Dollar.
  • There are different ways of stablecoins, as the panelists from DescentralizAR explain. On the one hand, private ones like Libra and, on the other, CBDCs like China’s Digital Yuan.

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