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Department of Transportation investigates Blockchain


Blockchain technology is here to stay, and that has been understood by all the governments, organizations and companies in the world. Which now compete to be pioneers in the use of blockchains to make their processes more efficient. Therefore, we are not surprised to learn that the Department of Transportation investigates the Blockchain, and its use in drones to make deliveries.

Government reaction to Blockchain

Initially, the reaction of governments was one of pure hostility towards Blockchain technology. Which makes sense, considering that the main exponent of blockchain for a long time was Bitcoin. However, increasingly, ignoring or attacking Blockchain technology is very expensive.

And, the amount of applications that can be developed thanks to this technology has shown governments around the world that blockchain research generates profits. To which, in addition, there would be added pressure from China, a country that is currently at the forefront of the cryptocurrency race between nations.

For this reason, it has become common to receive news about the latest research from governments around the world, about how you can take advantage of the Blockchain. Going from the launch of their own virtual government currencies, to initiatives such as the Department of Transportation to make deliveries with drones.

The messenger drone project in the United States

Thus, the United States Department of Transportation would be promoting the development of research in Blockchain technology, with the aim of improving safety in the use of drones for the shipment of goods in the country.

The idea of ​​messenger drones has already been studied for a long time by companies like Amazon. However, safety considerations had been a drag on the project from the start. Therefore, the guarantee of protection and tracking provided by blockchains could represent an important support for the use of drones in this type of activity.

Department of Transportation investigates Blockchain for use in messenger drones

A company has proposed a blockchain-based black box drone system. That would allow industry regulators to track and review flight data for drones, insurance companies insure drones based on reliable third-party data, and pilots ensure regulatory compliance.“Comments the report of the US government.

Thus, Blockchain technology could be the element that allows making the necessary leap to the industry. To include drones in the merchandise shipping system in the United States. This is the reason why the Department of Transportation investigates the Blockchain. Making this effort our Data of the Day here at CryptoTrend.

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