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Diginex: First Exchange Operator on NASDAQ


With increasing frequency we are observing the integration between the crypto world and the traditional financial market. As companies in this sector, they admit the need to take crypto assets into account if they want to stay relevant in the market. Thanks to this, large crypto companies are establishing contact with the stock exchanges. Announcing that Diginex is the first exchange operator listed on NASDAQ.

Traditional finance and cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies have been a real dilemma for traditional financial institutions. Which, accustomed to the system dominated by traditional fiat money, have seen assets such as Bitcoin as a passing fad, a speculative product or a simple curiosity. Leading the world’s big banks to despise cryptocurrencies for a long time.

However, the importance that crypto assets and companies that make life in the crypto world have acquired, such as the exchange operator Diginex. It has ended up convincing a good part of the traditional financial institutions that it is convenient for them to enter this market. And take advantage of the profit opportunities that cryptocurrencies offer.

For this reason, in recent months news has arrived such as the next launch of the Initial Public Offering of Coinbase, one of the most important companies in the crypto market. As well as the increase in the purchase of Bitcoin by institutional investors through Grayscale. And now about the inclusion of the Diginex exchange operator in the NASDAQ market.

Diginex is the first exchange operator on NASDAQ

Thus, it has become known that the Hong Kong-based exchange operator Diginex is the first company of its kind to be listed on NASDAQ. What would be an important advance for the recognition of crypto assets by the traditional technological world. Considering that NASDAQ is the main stock exchange dedicated specifically to listing companies in the high-tech sector such as Amazon and Alphabet.

Diginex is currently the company in charge of managing EQUOS, one of the most important exchanges in the crypto market. Diginex’s listing on NASDAQ would follow the crypto company’s merger with 8i Enterprises Acquisition Corp. Which has prompted Diginex CEO Richard Byworth to express optimism about the NASDAQ listing, calling it a “watershed moment for both Diginex as well as for the cryptocurrency industry.

Diginex is the top exchange operator on NASDAQ, largely thanks to Bitcoin’s strong performance. Source: CoinDesk

«We believe that we are the first due to our commitment to provide innovative products in an environment of trust (…) The Diginex ecosystem has been specifically designed to support the needs of professional investors, from institutional to retail, who are interested in increasing your exposure to digital assets«Commented a Diginex spokesperson.

In this way, Diginex would be helping the world of cryptocurrencies to take a step further in its integration with traditional finance. Setting a precedent that will undoubtedly allow other crypto companies to enter NASDAQ and in the near future.

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