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Do you really know what the value of 1 Bitcoin is?


Many of us know more or less the history of Bitcoin, but at the same time we do not understand who or how they have determined the value of 1 Bitcoin all this time. It is precisely this that we will dedicate ourselves to answer in this article.

How much is the value of 1 Bitcoin?

You should know that in this aspect Bitcoin does not differ so much from other objects or coins. What determines its price is the supply and demand it has in the market. Stressing that it reflects the trust that is placed in him at a given moment, because in the end, it will be worth what people are willing to pay for it.

A purchase proposal can be published on any exchange at the desired price. For many users this part of Bitcoin is not attractive and even intimidating, and they think that most of the time it is simply buying cheap and selling expensive, or what we know in a word as speculation.

So how does the quote work?

If you are a cryptocurrency trader you probably have noticed that the value of 1 Bitcoin can vary from place to place. This happens especially in times of high volatility.

Having explained the above, you will understand that, since there is no single platform in the world where to exchange Bitcoin, there is no global or unique price for BTC.

However, they tend to equate. When there are very large differences in the prices of two exchange houses, there are those who take advantage of this price difference to buy in the exchange house with a cheap price and sell in the expensive one.

Additionally, there are other factors to take into account, such as the Halving of Bitcoin, but that is a topic that you can study better by checking the following link.

If you are looking for something that can give you even more confidence, we recommend you take into account our Crypto Online tool. This tool allows you to know the value of Bitcoin in highly liquid exchanges, giving a very transparent quote. So it is one of the most reliable.

Which exchange has the most liquidity?

Well, although exchanges abound in the cryptocurrency market, one of the best known is Binance since its liquidity is very high. Therefore, the Bitcoin price offered by this platform is one of the most reliable.

However, we understand that this may lend itself to subjectivities and preferences. So tell us what do you think is the most reliable source to follow the value of Bitcoin? Let us know in the comments.

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