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Dogecoin has an admirer: Elon Musk


Returning to the issue of altcoins that have marked an impact on the crypto market. Some will think that the most important was Ethereum with Smart Contracts, Ripple with its financial platform or IOTA with its compatibility. However, people forget one of the most important, backed by memes, Dogecoin, which is supported by the billionaire known for the Internet, creator of Tesla and SpaceX, Elon musk.

About Dogecoin

Dogecoin is the currency that seeks to represent the power that people possess over the Internet, marking the influence they have in the world. For this reason, they are based on the image of the dog that popularized the breed of shiba, being Doge.

However, the message that the community seeks to send is not about the meme as such, but the union that can exist on the Internet, caused by an idea that is nothing more than a joke.

This is how Dogecoin was born, symbolizing the harmony that can exist between a group of people who don’t know each other, just to change a person’s day.

Favorite admirer

Among the people who support Dogecoin is a person who is considered the genius of this decade, being the entrepreneur who revolutionized the market. We refer to the person who dethroned Zuckerberg in the Internet person, being Elon Musk, who publicly He proved to be a fan of cryptocurrency and meme.

Proving in this way that Dogecoin manages to reach people you could never have imagined, including millionaires and celebrities.

Being a famous person on the Internet, people began to react to their comments. We can conclude this by the publications made by the account Twitter official from Dogecoin, representing the messages of your community:


It can be seen that this article has a certain character of satire or comedian, associated with the theme of the news. However, behind the meme or from Dogecoin itself, there is an important message to consider.

As we said previously, Dogecoin is born by the union of an Internet community, totally strange and alien people among them. Being this currency that manages to reflect that trust can manifest itself in various ways.

Either the bank’s trust, or that generated by a mathematical algorithm like Bitcoin, can be expressed and achieved in different ways. In the case of Dogecoin it was simply laughter, managing to unite this community and give it a lasting life.

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