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Dollar and Bitcoin have an opposite direction


On July 8, the cryptocurrency enthusiast, Anthony Pompliano, was in the edition of the podcast “El Show del Padre Rico”. In his participation as a guest in the Robert Kiyosaki, “Pomp” stated that between the Dollar and Bitcoin there is a radical difference.

On the other hand, in the program, other topics of importance related to Bitcoin were discussed. Thus, the role of this cryptocurrency as a store of value was evaluated in terms very similar to gold and silver. Analysts agreed that Bitcoin maintains significant advantages over these metals.

Similarly, they analyzed the future of finance and discussed what money will be like. The dollar, they explain, as well as all the currencies will be digital. In that scenario, Bitcoin will maintain its superiority for various reasons.

Opposite nature between Bitcoin and Dollar

The Dollar, as it is known, is an inflationary currency, centralized and depends on political decisions. Every year, the Federal Reserve (FED), which is the United States Central Bank, prints tons of paper money to keep pace with the movement of goods.

Likewise, in times of crisis, the FED also solves problems by printing more money. For example, at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the economy began to fracture, spokesmen for this financial entity declared that the FED had “infinite money”.

In that sense, Pompliano explained that, unlike the Dollar, Bitcoin is transparent and verifiable. Furthermore, both he and Kiyosaki agreed that if the entire financial system were digitized, the US currency would continue to be inflationary.

By relying on centralized bodies such as the government or the Central Bank, the Dollar, whether printed or digital, will be produced arbitrarily. The only difference is that the production cost will be significantly low.

Conversely, Bitcoin has a limited edition of 21 million coins. Similarly, its transparency allows us to know the amount of it that is produced daily, how it moves, what is the status of producers (miners) and dozens of other details that are unthinkable with the Dollar, Pompliano said.

Pompliano and Kiyosaki talked about the abysmal difference between Dollar and Bitcoin during the
Pompliano and Kiyosaki talked about the abysmal difference between Dollar and Bitcoin during the “Rich Dad Show” program.

People’s money

On the other hand, specialists referred to the role of the main cryptocurrency as a safe haven. Kiyosaki mentioned that both gold and silver are money created by God, while Bitcoin is people’s money.

For analysts, gold and silver have very solid foundations to continue to be considered as a store of value. However, Bitcoin has great advantages in terms of security, economy to transport and speed for transactions among others.

Once again, Pompliano lashed out against the Dollar, assuring that, being only printed paper, it will never fulfill the foundations to be a refuge of value.

A problem of understanding

The advantages of Bitcoin over the Dollar, according to the crypto influencer, are outstanding. However, the problem is that most people have no idea how money works.

He considers that the most outstanding thing about this ignorance is that few have an idea that, while the Dollar continues to print, over the years its value decreases. With Bitcoin, exactly the opposite happens, with a quantitative limitation, and its production being cut every four years, its value will grow, Pompliano said.

Data to consider

  • Analysts assure that the Dollar will never be a store of value because it does not meet the fundamentals.
  • During the radio show, Kiyosaki referred to the Federal Reserve as an entity of a communist nature.
  • They explained that despite gold and silver having solid fundamentals, Bitcoin is ahead of them in many fields.
  • The Dollar has an inflationary nature and each year its value falls, while Bitcoin is just the opposite of this.

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