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Earn $ 20 on your next trip with Binance


As we have mentioned many times here at CryptoTrend, the crypto world is increasingly interconnected with traditional markets. And that’s normal, considering the many opportunities that Blockchain technology opens up for traditional companies. Especially when you exchange like Binance are dedicated to increasing these opportunities. So today we tell you how earn $ 20 on your next trip with Binance and Travala.

Binance and the traditional market

The crypto world cannot survive in isolation from the real world. This seems like a no-brainer, but in many cases purism can beat out members of the crypto community. Who refuse to see the need for interaction between virtual currencies and traditional markets, for the survival and growth of the crypto market.

Thus, the large companies of the crypto world such as Binance, Ripple or Coinbase, are increasingly committed to the integration between the physical world and the crypto world. Whether it’s Coinbase’s upcoming IPO, Ripple’s global bank alliances, and the ecosystem of products and services built by Binance.

And in this sense, the company Changpeng Zhao It is one of the most active in promoting integration. Launching in recent months, even during the terrible crisis generated by the Coronavirus, a series of products that allow increasing integration with companies outside the crypto market. Including your own debit card, a P2P marketplace to exchange Fiat for cryptocurrencies, and your latest travel savings offer with

Save on your next trip

In a recently released statement by Binance, the company announces its alliance with to create an offer for users of the exchange. Well, between August 5 and August 12All those who make a purchase of $ 100 or more using the “Buy with cash” option on the Binance platform will immediately get a voucher for $ 20 to use on their next reservation of $ 100 or more.

In addition to this, Binance also remembers the possibility that exists of paying for your travel reservations in Travala using cryptocurrencies. Thanks to the alliance established between both companies, which allows crypto users to make reservations without using Fiat money at any point in the process.

The option to win $ 20 on your next trip is just part of the alliance between Travala and Binance. Source: Travala
The option to win $ 20 on your next trip is just part of the alliance between Travala and Binance. Source: Travala

Of course, these váucheras for trips with Travala are not eternal, and will have to be used in the following twelve months at the moment of having obtained it so that it remains valid. In what is one of the most interesting alliances between a crypto company and a company in the traditional sector.

Well, beyond the váucher you will have the opportunity to win quickly and easily through the Binance platform. This promotion is one more sample of the advancement of the crypto world in traditional markets. In a series of movements that little by little will facilitate the use of cryptocurrencies in our daily lives. And therefore, the massification of crypto assets.

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