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Effects of Coronavirus: a test for our leaders


Times like this are the ones that test us as a society. And the fact is that the effects of the Coronavirus make the worst and the best of us come to the fore, at the moment when greater solidarity and humanity are needed to face the challenge. Also being a test for our leaders, as Changpeng Zhao says in our Tweet of today:

Coronavirus effects put everyone to the test

Leading a nation requires a lot of strength and wisdom, even in times of peace and prosperity. Much more during times of global crisis such as the one we are going through in these moments, due to the rapid expansion of the effects of the Coronavirus throughout the world.

In the midst of a crisis like this we have been able to see signs of great human quality and leadership, both in the public and private sectors. As large companies, such as LVMH or New Balance, stop their production chains to create necessary articles to face the Coronavirus. As well as heads of state and politicians in many countries, they put themselves at the forefront of their societies in this difficult situation.

It can be seen that the effects of the Coronavirus affect us all equally, whether you are a worker, or an entrepreneur, even the presidential house.

However, many countries have not been fortunate enough to have leaders to match the effects of the Coronavirus. Seeing nations like Brazil, Mexico and the United States, whose presidents have constantly rejected the gravity of the crisis. Refusing to establish necessary measures, forcing the state governors to assume the leadership and take them themselves. Showing deficiencies in their abilities as leaders, as Zhao comments on his Twitter account:

A pandemic is a stress test for leadership ability.

Good leadership = fewer deaths
Bad leadership = more deaths

Although Changpeng Zhao’s position appears to be very extreme, it is supported by equating the effects of the Coronavirus with the quality of our leaders. Even if now they are beginning to take measures, such as Spain and Italy, the quality of their leaders can be seen in the death figures. Without a doubt, it reflects a large part of reality.

Well, at the end of the day, what will prevent great powers like the United States or the United Kingdom from attending to the effects of the Coronavirus, with the importance it deserves, is nothing other than the quality of its leaders. Which, until now, leaves much to be desired.

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